Root password for camera

How do I find the root pw for the ADC cameras? Looking to use ip cam software to log in to the cameras while still using Is this even possible?


Good luck. ADC doesn’t make available the logon Info

This guy apparently figured it out.

Yeah, bummer he hasn’t posted his actual findings yet… and it’s been a year since he teased us with this initial post.

BTW, the same guy was previously a lead developer for Viigo back in the day… by far the best app at the time on a Blackberry. Smart kid!

Looking to use ip cam software to log in to the cameras while still using Is this even possible?

Apparently most of the ADC cameras are Vivotek. You can download the software/firmware to do what you want, but you won’t be able to do both. Once you reprovision the camera it won’t work with ADC anymore (ADC will not provide the firmware for ADC restoral/reprovisioning either).

Go to Vivotek- in the drop down box select ‘firmware’, then download the software.

    For example:
520=IP8130W 520IR=IP8131W 510=IP8130 610PT=TC5633

Wondering which one would be the V720W…?

It shows up on my network as a Vivotek, so at least that’s confirmed.

One of these…would be my guess for the 720

IP8332, IP8331, BB5315

Seems someone out there figured out some cool info

I had to reset my cameras, and root/adcvideo worked for me to get back in. However, after I log in, streaming_server asks for a user/pass - does anyone know the default value for this? (root/adcvideo doesn’t work, nor admin/password, root/toor, admin/admin)

I have been having some issues, factory defaulted the camera and got in. I suspect that after you add it to they must change the root password. Can’t confirm yet since I’m having problems reaching their servers at the moment…

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It is my understanding that your assumption is correct, in the ADC setup process, pairing the camera with your account, the password is randomly generated.

So sounds like, in theory, I could factory reset my v720w, flash newer firmware from Vivotek’s site, then re-pair the camera to my ADC account… which would again reconfigure the camera and user/pass lockout?

The current night/IR logic doesn’t do too well in my environment… my hope is that it might be improved in a newer revision of the firmware.

Any base Vivotek firmware will remove capability of adding your camera to ADC. The firmware is not the same as what is used by ADC.

Gotcha… bummer.


If you use root/adcvideo and create another account in the camera, is it then possible to still “backdoor” into the camera after a random root password is assigned by during the camera pairing process?

Wow… now there’s a good idea. Hope this works.

FYI @skelzer

Things always seem to take me a lot longer than I planned, but today, before I added my camera, I created a user account on the camera. While root/adcvideo no longer works, my new account still does. I also ran a WireShark while adding the camera and will see if it’s possible to understand the new root password exchange during the addcamera.

Now to add it to the SVR.

@HellerMD98 nice update thanks… thinking I might tinker with mine over the weekend. So to be clear, you were able to add it to ADC after creating the user account? And the user account was retained after ADC activation?

Yes @skelzer! I was able to keep other logins (administrator, viewer and operator user types) while loosing access to adcvideo/root when camera was added to ADC account.

But @skelzer, one more (important!) thing: I did not change any camera firmware to Vivotek distributed versions. My camera still has the ADC firmware.

I did a little messing around with my V520 awhile back and found out some interesting things:

  • It appears that ADC firmware has an OpenVPN client/network built into it.
  • Although ADC does indeed use SSL and digest authentication this is easily broken in a downgrade attack to gain access to your own root password.

What I wanted to do was monitor my camera from VLC when on my local lan, no need to route through ADC and the crappy timing out web interface.

Keep in mind my camera was already paired with ADC. But I was able to setup a NAT rule that went to my intercepting proxy (i used mitmproxy) instead of the camera. IIRC (I had just had a kid, so forgive me) any certificate will do to terminate the incoming SSL connection. The critical part is downgrading the HTTP Digest authentication to HTTP Basic, which ADC servers will happily provide.

At that point I found out I could log into my camera (which is when I saw something about OpenVPN in the logs) and had my need of connecting to VLC so I stopped.

Wow, @HellerMD98 great information. Just what I needed. I am able to see the live video on Safari but for the life of me I can not figure out what the correct URL should be to add to my android app or VLC.

On VLC I tried rtsp://myusername:mypassword@ but I get asked the login password again. I can hower log in with the myusername/mypassword with Safari and see the quictime live feed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.