Required ADC(Dealer/user account) actions for new devices?

My sDIY “gold” account include below services.

  • Thermostat Automation via 4 ADC stats (3 zone HVAC + stat for downstairs HVAC) & 2 ADC remote temp sensors
  • Garage Door Automation (via a LiftMaster/MyQ HOMEBRIDGE)
  • Door Lock Automation a Kwikset 912 Z-Wave
  • Lighting Automation (for security support) via a Jasco/GE Z-Wave Appliance Module 45603WB

We will add the supporting hardware next week into the Z-Wave/comm module of our (new) Concord 4 system.

Is there anything that needs be done in the back-end/account by sDIY (in advance) so each device populates for control (via ADC webpage/App) at the time it is added-in locally ???

I am sort of confident of the front-end, local “tech part” of installation (at this point anyway…) due to the resources and responses from the great folks in the sDIY support forums!

I guess this is really a configuration question, i.e. process for “ADC to know” new support device is there & good-to-go in service beyond the Z-Wave protocols…

As your account is Gold Interactive, nothing further would need to be done on the backend prior to installing zwave devices.

You will want to look at this z-Wave guide here. This guide will cover a lot of the ins and outs of installing and maintaining a Z-Wave mesh network successfully. It is very important to read this guide and have patience with the process :slight_smile:

Keep in mind, Zwave devices are linked to a parent network. They will need to be removed or cleared from the parent network before being added to a new one (i.e. yours) They can even be learned into a parent network at the factory for testing. Its always best to remove first before you add a z-wave device.

You will also want to ensure that a network rediscovery is run whenever a device has been learned in and installed in its final install point -or- whenever a zwave device has been moved. The network rediscovery will ensure that commands are processed through the best possible route in the mesh network.

Also worth noting, the devices will not be immediately available on and can take some time to populate until all info has been processed. Should they not populate after some time however, a cell test can typically help push the information through and sync the devices. As a last resort, we can send commands to help with the sync, however this can only be processed during normal business hours.

Outstanding info. Exactly the coaching I was looking for… as Z-Wave is good but imperfect. THANKS!!! p-a-t-i-e-n-c-e_ON :wink:

It is a little bit kludgy/flaky to add these Z-devices — that’s OK to me anyway…as they were sorta reverse-engineered into a mature, but robust, Concord 4 platform FWIW.

However, once I’ve successfully added-installed do y’all find them pretty stable after that (kludgy) addition? I hope…

Always happy to help out!

The networks are reliable provided the nodes/devices are learned in appropriately and directions are followed.

Its important to note distance between each device and from panel when planning the layout of your network. Its also a good idea to not skip the product manual’s directions for learning in devices as well.

OK on the thermostat additions:

“For thermostats…you do not want to eschew the proximity requirement. The easiest and best solution is to unplug your panel transformer, run your panel off of battery power, remove it from the wall, and walk it around to each device one by one. This may take a little extra time, but it is necessary. It is also not a unique requirement…” This advice was for another panel, obviously

Concord 4 Z-wave physically in the LTE module (in my second-floor laundry above the door); I’m on a stepladder to add-in schtuff. Module not moving, as among other issues, the LTE coax is to LTE module antenna in the attic space…

This module is about 8 feet from one thermostat, 15-20 feet from 2 other stats in same upstairs zone, and ~25 feet from the main floor stat… I have one repeater to add in if it will help (planned for support of door lock at garage entry). Also, thermostats should be on C-wire in their home location so they function as repeaters, not using batteries on a stepladder, no?

What’s the best tactic here Z-master ? :wink:

This advice was for another panel, obviously
Yes that is correct, geared toward the 2GIG panel but the vast majority of the guide applies to the z-wave in general.

Learn your repeating nodes/devices first and save the tstats for last.

The enemy here is distance with regards to the T2000s. In order for them to act as repeaters, they need to be learned in while connected to the C-Wire. First thing I would do is connect them to their install point via C and try to learn them in. If they wont learn in due to distance, take them down to the z-wave radio on battery power and learn them in. Should you need to, you may want to get more repeating nodes to make up for the TSTATS that aren’t repeating.

What’s the best tactic here Z-master ? ????
Be careful on the step ladder!

As a follow up, Network Wide Inclusion (NWI) could work here as your controller supports it.

NWI is the process in which you can include devices into the primary controller that are outside the controllers range. A bit more on that here

However this is dependent on the z-wave devices/switches that you have (If they don’t support NWI then it likely wont work) Essentially, this may allow you to learn in the T2000s that are farther away from the controller. Learning in the nodes/switches that are NWI compatible FIRST then the TSTATs may increase the range you can learn them in from. Again, this would be dependent on the devices you have.

Note that nothing special needs to be done during the learning process, essentially the device is NWI capable or not.

Hopefully NWI helps! Do the T2000s support NWI once included with C-wire power?
That will help with at least one more distant location upstairs. And in future…

My Z repeater is an DSD37-ZWUS Aeon Labs. Supports NWI I believe (Google-fu). I will add it and then move it around to help expand coverage to more distant stats if needed to get included at start anyway…thoughts?

I’ll need a newer repeater to support NWI…

Some of the TSTATS mentioned earlier may learn in no problem as they appear to be closer to the panel already, so I would try those first along with any nodes that support NWI. Then learn in the TSTATs that are farther away.

Again, the only way to get the tstats to function as repeaters is to learn them in on c-wire.