Replace door sensor & panel

How do i schedule phone contacr

All Support through Surety is offered online. I’m happy to help with any questions.

Are you replacing the alarm panel that is currently connected to your active Surety account? Do you already have the new panel and sensor?

Surety users can swap the panel associated with their account at any time in our system manager here. Expand the Swap Cellular Module/Panel section to get started. You will need the IMEI of the new panel.

Yes sir I have the pane and door sensors
My internet is down due to storms Will that be a problem

No, you would be able to activate the panel using cellular only for now, but you wouldn’t be able to update firmware, depending on the model of the replacement panel.

You can swap the panel associated with your account at any time in the system manager linked here. This would require manual programming of all zones in the new panel.

Backup restore options exist if you are switching to another Qolsys panel with the same radio type, but your panel firmware is currently too old to do that. Instructions regarding backup restore options are linked below. This is not necessary though and you could instead just use the system manager and program sensors individually.