Remove Sonos from my ADC accout

Could someone from support please unlink my sonos account from ADC? I made some sonos changes and ADC is giving me an error.

Hey, no problem. I have removed the Sonos device link from your account. You can re-enable it in at any time.

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I wanted to remove the Sonos device from my and through Manage devices it won’t be removed. Can someone assist me? Thanks in advance.

I’ve removed the Sonos device for you. You should see this change the next time you log in.

It’s gone. Thank you!

I noticed that my Sonos was missing in the ADC app. I went to add it back and it gave me and error saying that I didn’t have permissions.

I went into on Surety site and logged into the System manager, disabled Audio integration, saved, then went into system manager, reenabled it and saved again. After a couple hours I was able to get my Sonos added back on.

Not sure why it randomly kicked off and gave a permissions error, but imagine some type of handshake on their end has caused people to have to log back in. The above what was worked for me so thought I’d share for anyone else having the issue.

Joining club. Trying to remove Sonos (and my Rachio irrigation) from the account and neither the apps or website has an option.

Both of those features cannot be removed by the end user through and require dealer intervention.

I would need to send commands to delete the Rachio and Sonos devices from your account. Do I have your permission?

Yessir! Thanks.

Commands have been sent to remove those devices at this time. Please allow about 5 minutes for commands to take effect.

You may need to log out of your account, then back in, to see these changes.

Can’t we do this through our control panel using the default installer code 1111 in advance settings? It appears that I have the capability to delete every piece of equipment associated with my account (except or the main control panel, in my case the IQ-4) including my front door camera and secondary control panel, etc. I’m not sure about the ADC app if it has some sort of memory bank when you go to delete sensors using the panel and code 1111 in advance settings but it still shows up as some mysterious unnamed deactivated sensor.

This thread is refering to Sonos audio integration specifically. Sonos is not connected to your panel, so it cannot be added/removed from the panel. It is integrated through the account directly.

It can only be added by the end user, not removed. Only the dealer can sever the integration…

Steps on how to add various devices, like Sonos, can be found in the How To section of the forum, The Sonos integration guide can be found below:

I had to factory reset a Sonos device and add back on. ADC shows a malfunction for that device. I tried refreshing the speaker list which usually works but doesn’t for this error.

Could you remove Sonos from my account then I will readd it. Thanks so much.

Yes, that’s been removed. I tried to send some troubleshooting commands first but none cleared that error on the device.

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