RE101 + 5150W sensor group

I’m moving from a failed panel to a new Qolsys IQ Panel 2+. I have RE101 sensors with 5150W glass breaks that were setup previously on my old panel. I can’t recall how I had them setup previously and since it failed I can’t check They are not used as door and window sensors only as glass breaks. Is the best sensor group Door/Window-M Group 13 in this application or a Glass Break Group 13 ?

The RE101 should not be programmed as Door/Window-M. That type is used for multifunction devices which have more than one function reporting on the same zone ID. On the RE101, the second input is paired separately with different ID. You can just use the Glass Break type and Group 13.

Thanks Jason. I modified the sensors to Glass break type and Group 13. Just to confirm the expected status on the panel for the sensors when configured like this is “Active”. I’ve been changing things around a lot but on ADC they are showing as “Activated” and available for bypass.

I am editing the prior response, I forgot the first input works along with the reed switch. Are you using input 1?

External input 2 is enrolled by holding down tamper while installing battery. That input functions separately. The RE101s should all be using Input 2 if you are not using the reed switch.

Input 1 would require a magnet closing the reed switch as well in order to close.

Aha…I’m using external input 2 only on all of them. I forgot all about that little nuance as well. I’ll enroll all with the battery/tamper and I’m guessing it will all be fine again. Thank you!