Rainbird and new wifi router

Switched to a new wifi router again, now that I have upgraded my cell radio controller can I delete my rainbird link to adc myself or do you still have to do it ? I want to delete it and re install as new as I seem to remember last time I upgraded my wifi that was the easiest way for me to reconnect rainbird with adc . Also do you have a link to installation instructions. Thanks

We would need to delete the device in the case of RainBird. I have sent a command to remove that device for you.

The installation setup steps can be found here!

Ok now that I have taken the steps to add my controller can you please add it back to my account.

Alright, I’ve added that. Go ahead and navigate back to the home page in the Rain Bird app. This will start the syncing process, which generally takes 1 minute.

I have done that it has been about 10 minutes but in the adc app it say there a no zones available.

Disregard I toggled the smart home adc switch in the rainbird app and that seems to have worked

Gotcha, I was just about to say I see those devices have populated recently. Zones will be named numerically. You can rename those zones in Alarm.com manually.