Radio Modem Failure - 2Gig GC3

New subscriber. Keep having issues with Cell Radio. Unit beeps and keeps sayin “Radio Network Failure.”

GC3 goes back and forth between No Cell Radio Module Status Notdetected and showing current status. Signal strength is 5/6 when recognized.

I am able to arm/disarm from iOS app

Under Radio Status Screen:

Registration Status goes back and forth between Registered and Unknown

Connection Status: Idle (constant)

I’ve sent some test pings, your system is communicating by broadband wifi connection, but not by cellular at the moment. You can send commands to the system and see the status of the system in ADC because wifi is connected.

The first step would be to power down the system completely, unplug transformer, open the panel, unplug battery. Then remove the cell sled, make sure there are no obstructions and reinsert the cell sled making sure it is firmly installed.

Wait at least two minutes before plugging the battery back in, closing the panel, then plugging in the transformer.

Run a cell test from the panel. Any change?

No change. Once booted back up “Cell Radio Module Status Not Detected”.

Waited a few minutes it was recognized.

Test Results:

Cell Radio test Started
Resetting radio

Is this a new module? Looks like your panel is reporting that it is on firmware 3.2.0.

For the AT&T LTE module, 3.2.3 is required, per 2GIG.

Try updating the firmware to at least 3.2.3 (instructions and links here) then test connectivity again.

I believe it worked. Updated and power cycled. Radio Test passed.