Question on Siren


When i switched to ( 2GIG module), I am told the existing siren provided by the builder will not work 2GIG module.

The only siren i have right now is from 2GIG module, which is not very loud. Is there a way we can make the siren (hard wired, not z wave) compatible with 2GIG module?


I used a hardwired siren let me see if I can find which Mg Electronics 15 Watt Piezo Dynamic Dual Tone Siren

This one works just wire and to the bell + and bell - on the back of the pane

Thanks Charlie. Let me send the picture of my siren to see if it is compatible with 2GIG module.


The right one is the door bell. I am guessing the left one is the siren, have one more of this upstrairs.

I don’t believe that will work

The right one is the door bell. I am guessing the left one is the siren

Other way around. The left device, the one in the photo without the cover on it with the three screw terminals, is a doorbell chime.

The right one in your image is a siren. A wired piezo siren can be used but only lower current draw ones. Would need to pop open the siren to check the model number for electrical characteristics.

See image below from the GC2 manual, page 15.

Thanks Jason. I thought bigger one is Siren :slight_smile:

Attached the siren picture.

I see lot of wires in my controller box. Do you think power is supplied from controller box and another wire going to 2GIG module?

It looks like that siren has a 380ma current draw, which is too high for the GC2 wired output. You could use it with a relay. This thread is regarding a GC3, but the exact same setup applies.

Regarding the TAKE-345 and the panel box, yes, that is a power supply and battery charger in the metal box. It powers the TAKE module above it.