Qolsys Zwave siren won't turn off

The other day I had a smoke alarm. I disarmed the system within a few seconds of the alarm going on at my IQ2. However my Z-Wave IQ siren kept going. I tried arming stay and disarming, didn’t work, neither did unplugging the siren. After about 25 minutes, the only way to turn it off was to actually put my zwave into clear mode and clear the device by pressing the learn button. After that I learned it back in and everything seems to be back to normal. Siren is about 15 feet in another room from the IQ2 panel.

I don’t have many alarms so this is the first time it’s happened to and suspect that this might happen again in the future.

Any idea why this is happening? Is there a better or faster way to stop this from happening besides putting the panel in clear zwave device mode? Thanks

It should stop on its own when the panel is disarmed. Clearing from the network should not be a normal step to solution.

You may want to test locally to see if you can replicate it (with your panel on test mode if you use central station monitoring).

I’m checking to see if there are any settings that would cause this and will report back if I find any.

Was this the Qolsys IQ Siren QZ2300-840?

Thanks, Tyler.

Yes, it shouldn’t be so.

The siren QZ2300-840

No additional settings need to be enabled/disabled.

Qolsys recommends clearing from network and re-adding (already done) and then running a siren test in system test - panel test - siren and see if the device does the same thing there. If so, it could be a faulty siren.

thanks, Tyler. I will try this.

Before I do, will the panel siren also sound? I’d rather avoid that.

Itll be onboard and external

I finally got a chance to test the sirens today.

Z-Wave siren turned off after the test was completed.

Hard to tell if I’ll get another runaway zwave siren run. If it does happen, wondering if I can run the panel siren test again so that perhaps maybe it’ll regain communication to the siren, but then again I could say if it happens again that siren is going back for warranty.

Its possible that the distance from the siren to the panel was too great and that prevented the siren from tuning off when the alarm did. Splitting the distance with another repeating zwave device may help to prevent that in the future.

The siren is supposed to turn off when the panel is disarmed and if it continues to behave abnormally, then replacement would be advised.