Qolsys Secondary panel and Thermostat

I’d really like a touch screen panel for our master bedroom. What are your thoughts on the IQ2 after all the latest firmware/software updates? I know it seems to be an overpriced tablet and the wall mount leaves something to be desired, but wanted to get some opinions.

My wife has told me she wants a thermostat because she likes the ability to control temperature at home or before she comes home. We had one when we had Vivint (a CT model) and it was kind of buggy and had to keep resetting it. I told her if we got one I would like one that run off hard wire power and has a battery backup, is reliable, and is capable of easy updates to fix any bugs that may come up. Any suggestions?

Also, a little off topic. Does anyone know then the Qolsys 1.6.1 software update coming out?

With regards to thermostats the ADCT2000 will be receiving over the air updates to firmware as needed. Alarm.com has already stated their plans to not only update the thermostat in such a way but that an update is coming soon. For power, the ADCT2000 has dedicated power from the HVAC system as well as having battery backup.

We do not have an ETA for new Qolsys firmware yet.

A new IQ2 panel with wall mounting and power application in the back of the panel (instead of on the side) is coming out shortly. If you are looking to wall mount the IQ2, it may be best to wait on this version to release.

The display looks like it would be hard to read. Is this accurate? Any other suggestions? I guess I’m used to seeing more of a screen for a display.

The display is actually very easy to read as it is very minimalist in design. Depends on what you are referring to. Whereas the CT100 has a large number of icons crowding the screen, the T2000 simply shows the mode and current temp when woken (always on display will be available with upcoming firmware.)

I did not know that about the IQ2 panel. That’s great. Will be it be sometime in the next 2-3 months? Also, is this something you guys will carry when it comes out?

Does the thermostat have Heat, Cool, Auto, and fan only modes? Most do, but I figure I would ask. Does the firmware update automatically or is their a procedure to do this?

I cannot definitively say when or if we will be selling the new IQ2, but we will be testing them and making that determination for sure. There are rumblings that they should be available fairly soon. a few months is a reasonable estimate for wide availability, but I cannot confirm definitively. It was showcased at ISC West.

Yes, The T2000 can be set to auto/heat/cool locally, and fan on/off as well as circulate (fan running automatically a user defined percentage of the time the T-stat mode is off) are available remotely through ADC.

More local configuration will be available through firmware updates upcoming.

We do not know precisely how the firmware update will be applied, only that it will be an OTA update and will require specific firmware on the panel.

Thanks for the info.

Is it a new IQ2 secondary panel or IQ panel 2:


I just want to make sure I’m not confusing my self. :slight_smile:

It is very confusing so I sympathize. Naming could be better.

The IQ Panel 2 is a new primary control panel.

The IQ2 secondary touchpad available now is a tablet form with no dedicated mounting and power application on the side.

The New IQ2 secondary touchpad will have power in the back of the panel and proper mounting.

Makes sense. Thanks for explaining. I will wait and look at the new IQ2 secondary panel when it becomes available. I’ll show my wife the thermostat and see what she thinks.

So are there any big differences (updates, features,…) between QS-1510-P01 and T2000 besides the looks? I think it would be between these two.

The T2000 is an Alarm.com product and will receive updates and additional features down the line. The Alarm.com remote temp sensor works only with the T2000.

The Qolsys Tstat won’t really see changes other than universal UI changes to Alarm.com automation

Thanks for the info. Think we’ll go with the ADCT2000

Just FYI:

The updated secondary panel is starting to arrive at dealers. It is called the IQ Remote QW9101-840. I was told the main noticeable differences were the mount and power cable from the back. I was also told it comes with an updated wi-fi chip/module for improvement over the original.

I ordered one and will post back about this when it arrives.

I was also told it comes with an updated wi-fi chip/module for improvement over the original.

I’ve heard this as well and am looking forward to testing. Hopefully it eliminates some of the problems IQ2 users have noticed without needing additional firmware updates.

Jason, I received two of the new IQ2 panels yesterday. Today, while at work, I got two notifications at different times saying each IQ2 was offline (malfunction is what the term was on my alarm.com app I believe). I didn’t have the time to look at it today but I will work on it in next day or two. I can say initial install was much improved with IQ2 panels being very responsive from the beginning.

How are the new secondary panels working out?

Jason, thanks for asking. They are working super! I love them. Much, much improved over the first gen. One small issue…I have a malfunction notice on my alarm.com account showing Master Bedroom panel malfunction. I use this panel every day and see no issues with it. I have tried clearing the error from alarm.com and re-syncing the panel. Both were successful but the message is still there. Any thoughts? I’m afraid to mess with deleting the panel and adding it back in fear I may start having the type of issues I had with the two first gen IQ2’s. :slight_smile:

The malfunction should be cleared now if you log in and take a look. If you notice a malfunction message that doesn’t appear to jive with what is actually showing up on the system, more than likely the cleared status for whatever reason never made it to ADC. A panel reboot should clear it.