Qolsys panel not showing correct garage Door status

I’ve linked my Chamberlain account to ADC and registered my gateway. Both garage does work fine on the ADC website but the door status never changes on the panel and I can’t open or close the doors from the panel.

Is there any way to refresh the panel or did I do something wrong?

Try rebooting the panel

Settings > Advanced Settings > Reboot Panel. A few minutes after boot up, try manually opening and closing the door by the wall button, then check the panel.

I’ve tried doing this, the panel always shows that the doors are opened. If I click on it to close, the doors do close but they constantly just show a swirling arrow. I’ve let it sit there for a day now.

I have reached out to Qolsys to determine if there are any additional steps to troubleshoot this issue. In the meantime, I would try opening the garage door via the wall button two times in a row to force an update at the panel. We will follow up once we have more information.

I’ve restarted the panel and opened/closed each garage door multiple times. The panel always shows the door is opened and ADC app shows the right status.

Thank you for that information. Qolsys does not report any known issues regarding this integration on 2.5.3.

We have sent some commands through Alarm.com to resync the equipment. Please wait about 5-10 minutes for these commands to process and then try the garage door control through the panel again.

Should these commands fail to resolve the issue, next you will want to power down the panel again but this time fully power cycle the panel (unplug the transformer and the internal battery. Wait 2 full minutes before plugging the battery back in followed by plugging in the transformer. You will also want to reboot the network as well.

After rebooting everything, is the issue resolved?

If not, what is the model number of the MyQ device in use?
Additionally, run a network speed test at the panel’s install location? What is the upload/download result?

Seeing similar issue with my panel. It’s showing garage door as open even though it’s closed. From alarm.com app everything works fine.

How long has it been doing this? Was it every synced correctly?

To confirm, the status is correct in ADC, just not at the IQ Panel? Does the garage open from the IQ panel?

I have sent commands to re-sync the status, give it about 5 minute to take effect. Afterwards, open the garage manually via the wall button. Does the status change?

If not, do a full power cycle of the IQ panel per above and test again.

It’s never worked for me. I did a full power cycle, and opened/closed the doors twice and they still don’t show up properly in the panel. If I hit the door button to close, it will close the doors but the status still says it’s open. It will not open the doors if they are closed but reporting open on the panel.

I couldn’t find an upload/download test but the internet test showed 433Mbps and I have 1Gbit Fios.

The status is 100% correct in ADC and it changes within a few seconds of opening/closing

The MyQ is a model MYQ-G0301-E

Alright, I am going to send the panel logs to Qolsys and see if they have any insight into this particular failure with the status updating on the panel.

I will follow up here with the troubleshooting advice they provide and any feedback on the logs.

As an update, Qolsys says they had a couple reports of this. They are going over the panel logs and looking into the cause now.

Any update? It’s been a while and this still isn’t working.

This issue has been confirmed as a problem in 2.5.3 and looks like they already have a fix set to be included in upcoming 2.5.4 software. No ETA on that yet, but should be soon.

Thanks Jason. Do you know if the software update will be automatic or do I have to manually update the panel? I’ve got monitoring through Surety.

It will be manual only for a while when it is first released. We will update the thread found here when it is available.