Qolsys panel motion detector

I recently switched to Surety and I’m having trouble enabling the panel motion detector. I can see the option in advanced settings - installation- dealer settings however it’s grayed out. It was enabled previously but I’m not sure if it changed with the 2.5.2 update or switching to Surety

I’m not sure why it was disabled in the first place but I enabled it on your panel. Is it working now?

It is still grayed our and says panel motion detector is disabled

Hmmm. Yeah, I see that the command didn’t get confirmed. I assume you have, but can you confirm you have tried these steps?

I may need to check with some other techs and follow up with you tomorrow. We’ll get it figured out.

Those are the steps I followed. I can follow all the way through dealer settings but then panel motion detector is grayed out

Hi, I am actually seeing the same thing on 2.5.2 on my panel here. I reached out to Qolsys to see if this is intentional or if there is a way to activate it on that firmware version.

Thanks for looking into. Let me know if I can do anything to assist.

Supposedly it will not be accessible if you have Panel IP Camera enabled in Installer Settings, but that setting is also grayed out for me. If I had to guess I would say that there is a bug in the firmware, but Qolsys is testing and seeing if they can recreate or provide steps to resolve.

Reboot didn’t change anything for me. I will follow up when Qolsys gets back to me.

Is there any new information on this? I have the same issue. The “Panel Motion Detector” setting is grayed-out and set to disabled under Dealer Settings. I’d like to enable it.

U should be able to enable it in installer settings or dealer

I am no longer seeing this on 2.5.3 firmware. Can you try updating and check?

Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Firmware Release Information