Qolsys IQ Panel 2+ reboot

I had a reboot at 2/9/2024 7:03PM. We were in the disarmed state and it came back up rebooted in the disarm state. All of my sensors currently bypassed were read aloud though, which surprised us. (We weren’t expecting the reboot and thought maybe the alarm was getting ready to go off at first.) Can you please look in the logs for the reason of the reboot / any associated logs? I don’t have “send logs to server automatically”, should I have that checked? Would it help to manual do a log push, or is that configured to do anything? (Never had to do that before.)

Also to note there was no power outage (from internal battery/utility) and I did not see any log about a power outage. The unit does not feel warm, so I don’t think it was any kind of overheat reboot. I’m thinking either a software bug caused it to reboot, unless it was started in some other way?

I see an upgrade (I think I may have started it, I don’t remember) on “last upgrade: 1/23/2023”, but I don’t think that caused it.

Please help us find the cause for the random reboot.


On 2/9/2024 7:03:29 pm I see a series of sensor tampers from a variety of sensors which indicates a potential reboot but no indication of why the panel rebooted.

How old is the panel and has the battery been replaced?

Check power, make sure the panel is using the included power supply and cable, or an existing cable run that meets specs. Also make sure power cable it connected and not loose.

As a troubleshooting step, perform a full power cycle, wait 30 seconds, then power up the panel What color is the LED?

  • Disarm System
  • Settings > Advanced Settings > Power Down
  • Once off disconnect AC from the wall outlet.
  • Open the panel and disconnect the internal battery. Inspect battery for loose connections and pillowing. Leave unit off for 30+ seconds.
  • Reconnect battery, close panel, then reconnect AC. Press button for 3-5 seconds to power on.

Your firmware is out of date, 2.8.1 is the most recent version. Not all firmware is available for download automatically and some require a patch tag. More information can be found here:

Additionally, It appears that all of the tampered sensors have been reporting a tamper for some time. More information on resolving a tamper can be found here.