Qolsys IQ Panel 2+ Panel Exit Fault

What can trigger a Panel Exit Fault?

I armed away as I normally do and left within the 60s exit timer. A minute later I received an alert that the Front Door Alarm triggered and there was a Panel Exit Fault. When I returned home, the front door was locked and no other doors/windows were open.

An exit fault is a specific alarm type that typically indicates that a user armed the system and left a door open when the exit delay countdown ended.

I see you have a separate forum thread here, however your description of that other issue sounds like exactly the kind of thing that would cause this false alarm issue. I’ll address both questions here.

All sensors have been reported as offline at some point during the past couple days based on a quick search of the history. Offline refers to the supervision heartbeat signal the sensors use to tell the panel they are present and functioning.

With intermittent offline status from a number of 319.5 Mhz sensors, the first thing I would look at is the thin white sensor antenna in the IQ Panel.

That thin white antenna must be routed out the back of the panel, into the wall if the panel is wall mounted. The antenna should not be left inside the panel and must not be pinched in the panel housing, this can negatively affect signal reception for sensors and is a common cause of the type of malfunction activity I see in history.

Thank you for the update. I’ll take a look at the antenna and hopefully that is the cause with all the issues!