Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Image Sensor Daughter Card

How do I know if I have the daughter board? I just purchased a home with this unit and am not totally sure about it. I have a build number and pictures of the panel insides with the front off. Would any of this be of assistance to find out if I have the daughterboard?

I know the system has door sensors, smoke detector, and glass break sensors installed. Just no motion detectors.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Happy to assist!

Pictures would be fine to post here if you’d like.

The Qolsys image sensor daughter card for the IQ Panel 2 IQ CARD-IS can be found here. The video through the previous link will show you how to install the card and where the card is physically located.

Also, if the IQ CARD-IS is not installed, when learning a sensor in via the “Auto Learn” feature, there should be a notification stating that the daughter card is not detected .

Based on the pics submitted to customer service, you do not currently have an Image Sensor daughter card installed. You can confirm this by matching up your panel’s internal layout with that of the panel in the video found in the link above. You should also see a notification when learning a sensor into the IQ Panel 2 via the “Auto Learn” feature that states an image sensor daughter card is not detected.

Thanks for the info! Can I purchase an Image Sensor daughter card via your website?

We do not currently stock the IQ CARD-IS image sensor daughter card, however it can be found from a variety of vendors online.

Another question, can I mix and match my image sensors if I get a daughtercard? For example, could I install 1 adc-is-221 Image sensor and 2 adc-is-200 inage sensors on the same system?

They don’t all have to be the same model number to be used, they just have to be compatible with the panel you are utilizing. For the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 you can use:


Note that the IQP2 has a limit of 5 Image Sensors

Does the ADC-IS-220-GC work for the IQP2?

The 220-GC is for the 2GIG Go!Control/GC2, it will not work with the Qolsys IQP2

Is this an image sensor, if so, how do I install it as the videos and other documentation I’ve been able to find has prongs this doesn’t have on it…?

The board in the picture is a ADC-IS20-EVD and is an old module i belive for a DSC panel. This is not an image sensor card.

If you have a Qolsys IQ Panel 2 the Image Sensor Daughter Card looks like this

To clarify, the IQ Panel 2+ does not include an Image Sensor daughter card. You would need to obtain the IQ Card-IS QC000-840 and replace the IQ Panel 2+s existing PowerG board in order to use Image Sensors.