Qolsys IQ 2+ Panel Stuck on Bootup

I had a power outage today and when the power came back on I realized that the system would not boot up. It seemed to hang with the Quolsys logo on the screen with the black background and a blinking green light. I unplugged the power and the battery for a few minutes and then reconnected the power and battery. It starts out with a black screen and blinking green light for ten minutes before the Quolsys logo appears and the blinking green light continues. If I need to replace the unit, what is the process? Thanks

It looks like your system is on a pretty old firmware. I recall older versions having a pretty long boot sequence.

Typically if you see the Qolsys logo that is a good sign, but I am guessing it has been left on and in that state for a while right? How long did you let it stay powered and trying to boot?

How long had it been booting up before it was powered off the first time?

It is always possible that a power surge occurred and possibly damaged the unit.

If you unplug the battery and try booting up just off of the transformer does that work?

The IQ Panel 4 here would be the current replacement which would be compatible with existing sensors and Z-wave devices. Backup restore options would not be available because the current panel is not on a new enough firmware to support that. That means sensors would need to be programmed manually at the panel.

It never finishes booting. Just hangs at the logo for a few hours now. If I order the new one, what is the procedure for deactivating the old one and activating the new one? Thanks

The panel assigned to your account can be swapped at any time in our system manager here. Expand the Swap Cellular Module/Panel option to get started. You’ll need the IMEI of the new panel.

I am seeing the same issue with boot failure. As suggested I attempted to upgrade to 2.8.1, but when checking for software updates I got an odd error. After a few attempts I thought I’d reboot the panel and try again, my panel with 2.7.2 is now in an endless reboot loop (with video footage to prove it). It loads the software “100%” and gets the flickering Qolsys screen for many minutes while the LED is blinking on green/off every second or so…and then after a many minutes the LED goes solid red, and the sequence starts over. I watched it go through this cycle 3 times, have a video recording of 2 of them.

My hunch is that the system lost time and that some verification check (a signing key?) fails due to invalid time…and since my unit hasn’t used the cellular modem in many months it can’t get time from that, and the WiFi connection to use NTP would come much later in the sequence.