Qolsys firmware question

My panel will not update to the 2.5.3 firmware. At 2.5.2 it says up to date. Is it possible for you guys to push the update?

2.5.3 is not available via OTA without a patch tag.

Steps on how to update to 2.5.3, along with patch notes, can be found below:

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These are the craziest firmware update steps I’ve ever seen. Why can’t I just press update like every other consumer device?

Typically you can, the latest stable version is usually set to auto-update after being available for manual update for a short time.

2.5.3 specifically has a limitation in that it contains a resolution for a a particular issue with panels that have specific prior version history, and it is dependent on what version your system currently has. This will likely be handled in a subsequent update and auto-updates will resume for later versions.