Push doorbell video to Qolsys 4 panel

I have a video doorbell (ADC-VDB750) and a Qolsys 4 panel, but don’t have the option in the doorbell settings on the web dashboard to Send button pushed notifications to panel or anything like that.

Doorbell is on firmware 02091, and panel is on the most updated firmware as well.

I’m not sure what I could be missing for this option to not be available? Can anyone help?

Have you enabled streaming video to the panel? A guide to getting this set up with steps can be found below. I’m linking directly to the button pushed notifications instructions, how to stream video to the panel is above in that thread.

I am not seeing a Surety subscription linked to this account. If you use a different service provider it would be good to reach out to them for assistance to be sure you should have access to the feature, etc.

If you use Surety, please send a private message with your account holder name and service address so we can best assist.

Hi, thanks - yeah I don’t have a subscription with you guys… Although I might switch after I get through the install. My installer doesn’t seem to be super familiar with these systems.

I turned on the streaming to remote option in the installer settings. But I don’t seem to have a screen for live video on my panel. I can see photos taken from the panel camera, but that’s it.

I don’t have the option to stream to panel from the alarm.com dashboard still though :frowning:

I’m fairly certain I have the appropriate subscription to have access to it though. I"ll follow up with the installer and have them call if necessary.

But I don’t seem to have a screen for live video on my panel. I can see photos taken from the panel camera, but that’s it.

You would not see a video page unless you enable streaming video to the panel within Alarm.com. The controls to enable it are only within Alarm.com.

Make sure your Qolsys panel is connected to the same exact wifi SSID and band as the camera. This is necessary for the connection. If you panel is not connected via broadband dual path and is only using cellular you cannot stream to the panel or send notifications to it.

So I have the panel and the camera(s) setup on same SSID - most cameras are ethernet. If the actual setting in the ADC dashboard to stream to the panel doesn’t exist is that indicative of a account setup error and nothing I do will fix it - or is that setting one that will only show-up if all the criteria are met?

If you have a compatible panel connected to Alarm.com with dual path enabled in Alarm.com, and you have a compatible camera connected with the video doorbell feature enabled on your account, you should see the option in Alarm.com.

If you do not see the options where they are described in the guide linked in the original response, it will be necessary to contact your service provider to resolve the issue. The panel may not be set up to use dual path in the Alarm.com account, or there may be other unknown setup or connectivity issues.