Prospective customer needs phone number

Does Surety have a customer support phone number? I’d like to have a conversation with someone regarding their services. Thanks

Happy to assist! We are unable to offer phone support, all service and support through Surety is handled online, here or via email at

I am happy to answer any questions that you might have however.

Service is offered on a month to month basis and as such, plans can be changed at any time. You can find our service plan features and pricing below:

Service through Surety requires an compatible panel with an unregistered 4G LTE cellular module. Do you already have a system, or are you looking for hardware as well?

Already have a FrontPoint system, yes, but can’t figure out how to determine the manufacturer/brand of the panel and equipment. Obviously need to know if everything is compatible…

Is it this panel here? If so, that is the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 and would be compatible with service.

You will want to locate the 15-digit IMIE number and plug it into this tool to determine if it is unregistered and ready for service.

On the Qolsys panel the IMIE number is located on the back plate, or can be found through programming (Settings > Advanced Settings > About > Cellular)

If unsure of the specific panel type, feel free to send us a picture and we can provide better assistance.

No, it’s not a touch-screen panel…def older. I’ll look for the IMIE number, although I may have to open it up for that. If I can’t make that determination, I’ll figure out how to post a picture.

You can post a photo here with the arrow Upload button or send it in an email to

" The module with serial number xxxxxxx is already registered with

To use this module with Surety, it must be a 4G LTE module and the account it is registered to must be deleted by the current service provider. "

So I guess it’s good, if It’s using a 4G module? Any way to know how to determine that, other than inquiring with FrontPoint?

So I guess it’s good, if It’s using a 4G module? Any way to know how to determine that, other than inquiring with FrontPoint?

We would need to know the model of alarm panel to provide specifics, but in general cellular modules will have two antenna if it is a 4G LTE module. If it is older than 4G LTE it will have one antenna.

You can use the help link on the module check page to view supported panel types. If I had to guess, with Frontpoint and your description you may either have a Simon panel, or you may have their newer proprietary hub which we do not support.

ok, thank you - I believe it’s a 3G Simon panel, so I’d need to replace that. How can I determine if all my sensors will work with your panel?

This guide shows you how to check which module you have, or which you might be able to use with the Simon panel.

Simon panels use 319.5MHz for communication with wireless sensors.

If you are looking to switch alarm panels, the Qolsys brand IQ Panel 2+ here is also 319.5MHz so it could work with 319.5MHz sensors in use. It has a built in 4G LTE module, Z-Wave Plus radio, Wi-Fi, and a radio to work with DSC brand PowerG encrypted sensors.

Ok, great - the module I have looks very similar, although the #1 antenna wire is much thinner than the #2 wire. The first 6 digits of the IMEI# are the same, and there is a Verizon 4GLTE SIM card installed. FCC ID# and IC# are the same, although I cannot see a cellular module number like the one you listed above. The number to the right of the word Telit is the same.

If you agree this module and Simon XT panel are likely compatible with your service, I’ll go ahead and begin the signup process on your website. If you need any photos sent to your support email, please let me know.

The Simon XT panel is compatible with and our service.

You should see a 15 digit number preceded by SN/IMEI: printed on a sticker on the module. That would be the cellular module number.

Feel free to send us a picture of the module for confirmation You can send it to the address

You can purchase service whenever you would like, but you cannot create the account until the 4G LTE module is unregistered. Unregistering the module is typically done through account cancellation.

Once the 4G LTE module is unregistered, you can create the new account through Surety and begin monitoring.

Thank you - I’ll send the picture to Support email.

I have an old Frontpoint Qolsys IQ Panel / DSC Touch, and I believe it is only 3G compatible—so Frontpoint is telling me that I’ll need to purchase some type of radio adaptor for it to be functional once the cell companies discontinue 3G service later this year. I’m paying THRU THE ROOF for their monthly monitoring service, so rather than buy their radio adaptor and continue with them, I’d like to make the switch to Surety. I know I won’t be able to use my existing Qolsys IQ Panel / DSC Touch monitor, but I believe my door/window sensors should be compatible. They are the IQ Mini Door/Window Sensors. How do I go about making the switch to Surety Home and getting the right panel as well as starting service?

The IQ Panel 4 in the link above has a 319.5mhz radio which is compatible with the IQ sensors you mention.

A subscription and free first month is included in that bundle. After you receive the system you can activate your system on our website at

The activation process includes submitting details for your account, connecting your panel to cellular service, and logging into ADC for the first time. The website walks through this process.

Thanks a bunch! I’ll be ordering the new panel and signing up for service shortly.