Problems with my cameras

Ok I have these cameras and they were working on my old WiFi but we moved and I cannot figure out how I’m the heck to change the network stuff on the app

Looks like that is an ADC-V723. You can find instructions on how to set up that model here.

If you moved and are not using the same router, the camera would have no way to communicate with It needs to be reconnected to the new wifi using WPS or AP mode, per the above link.

If you are using the same account at the new location, all you would need to do is reconnect it to the new wifi.

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Ok I got one to connect but I cannot get the other to connect at all. There is a solid green light on the bottom of the lens

Both cameras on your account show as being connected successfully. Are you still having an issue?

No sir. I had to delete them off my account and reinstall them and set them back up and they are working great. Thank you so much for your help