Powerg Devices going offline

Hello my 651 location all powerg devices went offline I sent a reboot command so if that will help or not

I see 4 devices listed as offline shortly before this message in your history, but no malfunctions for the rest of the PowerG devices. Can you confirm the time these went offline?

A reboot will return all devices to an assumed online state in the panel. If an actual issue exists with the sensors the offline malfunction will return within the supervision period. Did that error resume?

Once I sent the reboot cammand they call came back online what would cause these devices to do so only devices that didn’t is the 3 2gig devices

Could this be an issue with the panel itself

This is the panel I had purchased from you all April of this year

I don’t see anything immediately in Alarm.com history to suggest the root cause. I see all of the devices going offline and then about a minute later they were back online. I do not see this happening before or since the 5th.

I am going to reach out to Qolsys to determine if a cause can be determined and get the ball rolling on a warranty replacement if necessary. I will follow up with you as soon as I have more information.

Ok great I know the sensors them selfs wouldn’t be surprised about issues because I had to replace the batteries in my parents smokes alarm not a year old yet so all the sensors r not even a year old it’s very questionable but I’m glad they came up cause they can be expensive for all sensors but please do let me know about

Any update???

Not at this time no. Qolsys representatives are looking into logs. I expect to have an update later today (they are on Pacific time)

Has the issue occurred again?

no but here lately when we have power failure we have to delate and readd the light back what can cause this

Power failure can cause unexpected issues. Are you experiencing total power failure throughout the home, or just with the panel?

What is the z-wave device that is falling off (a lightbulb or a switch) and is it just the one z-wave device that is affected?

According to my grandmother the power flickered the other day and when it did the only z wave light bulb went in too Mount function

Did it happen once, or does it happen frequently? Does removing the bulb from the network and re-pairing the bulb to the network resolve the issue or is the bulb dead?

This is the second time it happen but delating and reading fixed the issue just haven’t had time to do anything yet

Sometimes, running a Z-Wave network rediscover can return the device back to an online status as long as it is powered. This can be done from the panel or it can be done remotely via the System Manager feature in your Surety account. I have sent this command now.

Should the device return to online status, you should be able to use it remotely without having to remove and re-add. If not, removing and re-adding will be the next step.

How far away is the device from the panel?

Any update to this

Still waiting on more information from qolsys engineers. I prodded them earlier but I havent heard anything back yet.

This weird to take forever