Placement of PIRs and glass break detectors

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OK, I am getting a bit closer to finalizing, but need some advice on the placement of glass break detectors and motion sensors. The main floor has a total of 5 windows and 4 exterior doors that have full panel glass inset. I am going to put door/window sensors on all doors and windows, but not sure the best way to protect against glass break and where the PIRs would be most effective.

I have attached a layout of the main floor. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

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Pir motions only have a range of 30’x50’, here is an example of installation (see video)

As for glass breaks…they are easy to defeat and I don’t use them myself.

Be better off going with window/door dw10 and/or shock sensors and pir motions or better yet, image sensors

Hi Rive,

So you would recommend shock sensors on all windows? What about doors that have a wide wood border and inset glass?

As far as the PIRs, do you mean don’t mount them so that the look directly at windows? In our room, a window or glass door will be somewhere in view of the PIRs, I think.

If you have a moment, would you mind taking a look at my floorplan and let me know where you would suggest placing the PIRs?

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A pir sees IR light , and takes a “snapshot” of it, if it sees a window, and the light coming thru it changes (gets brighter for example, or shifts or there is cloud movement, etc ) it will activate motion, because the infared snapshot changed.

As for shocks, I don’t use them either. I personally would go with dw10 sensors on all windows/doors, motions/image sensors adjacent to windows/doors like in video.

GB’s will give a third line of perimeter defence, shocks are installed on each window/door

Well, I like to hear that you don’t use the shocks - only from a cost perspective!

OK, I was planning on DW10 sensors (what are your thoughts on the RE211 Mighty Mouse sensors) on all windows and doors. Makes sense not to use shocks or glass breaks as long as I have well-placed PIRs.

The PIRs are the only aspect of setting up my system that concerns me. I guess I will just stand in a room and see which corners see the largest area - although since our house has an open floorplan, one sensor wouldn’t cover an entire room - I guess I would need 2 in the large rooms in opposite corners.


I use dw10, dw20, pir motions, and image sensors. I have all first and second floor windows/doors sensored, and all three floors covered with pir motions as well as smoke and heats.

I also have fixed panics on all floors (keypad and ts1)

I have regular and infared cameras on first and second floors.

Each pir covers 30’ x 50’, if the space is bigger you will need more than one. Set them to highest sensitivity, and as interior followers.

I would perimeter sensor every single window/door on first and second floor levels.

All pir motions/image sensors @ 7.5’, high sensitivity, interior follower

(1) pir/image sensor in family room at corner at window @bathroom wall
(1) pir/image sensor corner @ window near front entry
(1) pir/image sensor living room corner near glass back door
(1) pir corner kitchen nearest window
(1) pir upper floor hallway (not over stairs! Install opposite end so it detects anyone coming from stairs or anyone who gained entry via 2nd floor window/room and steps into hallway…see video)

All windows/doors should be curtained/closed blinds when armed away to prevent falsing.

Note- I would place the IR camera motion (image sensor) instead of pir at corner where front entry, side entry and back entry are located as these will be most likely intrusion/egress points.

(2) pir motions
(3) image sensors

Thanks, Rive! Huge help!

I have attached one other image. I think I understand all your placement suggestions, but please let me know if I got it right. For #6 (in the kitchen) would it be better to have that one in one of the other corners to get someone coming in that door? Or better where it is? (Image attached)

Also, which of those 6 would you suggest making an IR Camera Motion?

Lastly, the upstairs has 3 bedrooms at one end of the hall and another 2 at the other end of the hall. The stairs come up at the end of the hall with the 3 bedrooms. Would you suggest a PIR at each end of the hall? Not sure what would be the best placement for those. There is a recessed area with cabinets, but would that be too deep for a PIR? (Image attached)

Thank you again! I owe you a drink!!!


1-6 is fine (1,3,4 recommend image sensors).

As for 2nd floor…

BD 2/3 center of hall wall between doors @7.5

You can only have 3 image sensors, so you may want to add an IR cam (V520ir) in strategic locations In upper hall/main floor (center wall between master/guest because of the roof access), and areas where there are not image sensors on first floor to cover blind spots

Upstairs hallway is probably 20-30 feet.

For downstairs, which #s would you make the IR Cameras?

And would #6 get that rear door? Or would #1?

Edited post above

If only 30’, only need 1 pir 2nd floor between BD 2/3

#6 would get kitchen back door

OK, to clarify, only 1 PIR needed upstairs? or 1 at each end. Just not sure which post is accurate.

If it is at the end between BD 2/3, would it get someone coming out of those rooms going down the stairs?

Edited again…It would not see them if they came out of bd2/3 until they were 5’ or so into hall

So perhaps if you didn’t want to add an IR cam, better placement of pir would be between master/guest. 30’ is pushing the motion field of view through. May be better to go each end

Thank you, Rive. I will measure the hallway when I get into the house next. If it is shorter than 30’, would you say 1 PIR upstairs, or still one on each end?


If 30’ or less all you need is one

OK, perfect. I will measure and see if the hallway is less than 30’ I would probably lean towards having the PIR at the end of the hallway with the Master/Guest rooms since the window with the roof access is at the opposite end of the hall. And, anyone coming out of the master/guest would eventually walk into the path of that PIR since they have to make it to almost the other end of the hallway to get to the stairs.

When setting up monitoring, the PIRs don’t need to be monitored for activity, correct? Would they just need to be monitored for security?


I don’t follow what you are asking regarding monitoring for activity versus monitoring for security. They need to be supervised.

Program them like so:

Activity monitoring is just for the apps…regardless of whether it goes into alarm it will notify you and central station if you have that

Yes, Rive - I just didn’t know if the motions need to be activity monitored for the apps. With my current proposed set up, I will have a total of:

21 - DW10
6 - PIR

for a total of 27 sensors. I know that Surety gives 10 sensors included in the Gold plan and each additional block of 5 sensors is $2.00 per month. I know that the motions will be central monitored, but not sure if it is necessary to have them monitored for the app.


No need for activity monitoring on the motions unless you plan to use them to trigger automation rules or notifications or you want an event history of when the motions are activated.

Thanks, Ryan - that makes sense. I think I would most be interested in when a door/window sensor or panel deactivate occurs. Not sure that I would necessarily need a notification if the motion goes off - if it is something that will trigger an alarm, I will receive that notification.

If I did choose to change my mind on that, can I add additional activity monitoring blocks at any time?