Performed a factory reset without realizing what it would do...

I just made a huge boo boo…

We just bought this house and it already had Vivint installed with a bunch of door sensors installed. Well… I found the dealer installation code or whatever and I did a factory reset trying to re-do the whole system myself. Here’s the problem, I didn’t remove the sensors first. Now I can’t add or delete them.

I can’t get into system configuration right now because I’m waiting on surety to ship out the new cell modem so of course I’ll have to do the Q44/45 reset.

Now my question, what can I do to fix this? Are the embedded door and stick on door sensors z-wave devices or are they something totally different? Do I have to be in system configuration to be able to add them again? I read you can add them manually with the serial number or something, but I saw that had to be done in the system configuration menu.

Any ideas?

If your ordered service with the new module, then once your order is processed and your new account is created you’ll get instructions with your tracking information. This includes direction on running a cell phone test after the new module is installed. (This probably means updating your firmware as well as part of the module install process, so that its compatible with the new cellular module.) That will complete a push that will reset your Q44 and Q45, so you’ll have access to system configuration. If you’ve lost programming for your sensors, they will need to be re-learned in. Door, window and motion detectors are something different than z-wave. Generally the process is fairly simple. If you have questions on specific sensors, please feel free to ask, but perhaps this video is a good starting point for what the process will look like.

If you did a factory reset (console and zones) lockouts are reset. Use 1561 installer code

Here is Q configuration:

Here is how to reprogram all sensors:

I thought Vivint usually set Q45 to “default none” meaning you can’t do a factory reset? Are you able to get into system configuration with 1561?

Appreciate the quick response. I guess I didn’t do a “real” factory reset. I reset the controller, but I still cannot get into the system configuration menu due to the Q44/45 stuff. And it still uses the Vivint installer code (2203 or whatever it is). We will see soon enough. Boy am I excited to get this going, hurry up and ship my stuff! I’m aching over here haha. I called Vivint begging them to go ahead and reset the Q44/45 so I could set it all back up but because it isn’t my account and it was already disabled so they wouldn’t do anything with it. It’s a shame they didn’t unlock the cell chip, but whatever, a brand new one should be on it’s way very soon.

A reset gives a screen with two selectable (check box) options:

If you reset the console, all Q’s would have reset to default, if you reset zones all zones are wiped out.


I was able to get into that menu and I had console checked but it never reset the Qs. I guess I’ll have to wait until the 3g chip comes in. :frowning:

Eric I just redone my 2gig. Remember to update firmware first then you can install the 3G chip. With in a min I had full control. Hands down best service.

I recently purchased a never used 2Gig system from a guy … then I purchased an ATT 3G Module for it that was listed as new on Ebay. Thought it was a great deal…

The setup was going well … I flashed the firmware and installed the 900mhz antenna but after I installed the cellphone module I ended up in an Alarm State with a Password that didn’t work anymore.

Contacted the Seller … he is saying it’s a Vivint module unfortunately he listed as GC3GA-A but its a GC3GA-V … yeah … and it seems its preregistered… the cellphone test said registered… I am guessing vivint won’t release this.

I guess I will buy the verizon 3g and the $15 diy basic plan.

Questions… once I power on the alarm with the new module how long should it take until it can be disarmed and the alarm stops sounding? That’s not going to be pretty.

When I checkout in the shopping cart … what notes should I put in so you know this is my order and that I need a reset too.

Do you think I need to reflash the alarm now? or do you think it only changed the settings and not the firmware or anything else?

Yikes. What an unpleasant surprise.

I’m inclined to say if you have already updated firmware, it should be fine and the commands we send should get your programming squared away. But not having personally found myself in this particular dilemma, I’m not certain whether or not your firmware will need another update.

If you order service and a module from us, the account will be ready to go when the module arrives. You’ll need to run a cell phone test to complete the set up process. This will also initiate a push of commands that we send to open up programming, which will reset your installer code (you’ll receive follow up information regarding this after you order) so no need to add any notes in this regard. The obvious problem is that your panel is already in the armed state and you don’t know the new password. If you already had an account and you accidentally ended up in the armed state without a password, you could remotely disarm the system, but clearly that doesn’t apply here.

I’m going to run a few tests in the office before I report back what I think might happen to your armed panel after you switch modules.

The first obvious step would be to try to factory reset your panel. The problem is, if the programming has reset your password, I’m sure all of the programming has been reset and from what I understand your programing will now also block a factory reset.

Next would be disarming remotely, but obviously that’s problematic because normally in order to get your panel talking to your back-end account, you’d run a cell phone test, which the current armed status won’t allow. One option that might work, could be to set up the panel with a new module and attach it to service, and after installing the module, set off the alarm (highly unpleasant, I know) which may be enough to trigger the connection process between ADC and your panel, after which, you can disarm remotely. Then you’d run a cell phone test, to ensure the commands come through to reset your programming. If you try this and you have Central Station monitoring, be sure you’ve got it on test mode or you’re ready to answer the phone when the central station calls.

Have you tried the default codes? There are 2GIG defaults and defaults used by the company who holds your current module. Did the module come attached to an account that caused the programming change?

Chances are if he put in an active Vivint cellular module (that was most likely a pull) any commands/passcodes on that active ADC account pushed to the panel.

Vivint will never ever release a cell module.

If the 2GIG panel was new and not a branded panel,Q45 is defaulted and you should be able to do a console reset. Even if for some reason Vivint backended it,you would have 48 hours to default it back. This may or may not reset User codes though. If it does the new Master code is 1111

In any event, On a disarmed panel the installer code can be used as a master master code to view, change, add new user codes.

If otherwise SOL, and passcodes do not work, and panel can’t be reset or disarmed:

Turn off panel
Get a new SuretyCAM cell module
Install it, boot the panel and hopefully it can be back ended to disarm

Once disarmed, you can use the installer as a Master code to access all the User codes and change them. If you do not know the installer code it can be changed via backend Q43