2GIG GC2 Firmware V1.14 Request

Hi everyone,

I came across an old post here Performed a factory reset without realizing what it would do... - #4 by ryan.boder

And I am trying to reset my 2GIG GC2 in the same manner, however I cannot find the firmware version 1.14 on the internet only 1.14.1

I bought a house with a Vivint GC2 and of course the panel has the Q44 and Q45 locked out. I’m trying to reset it in the manner found in that old post.

If anyone could post a link to V1.14 or provide another way to unlock that would be great! The modem in the unit is an old GSM, so no chance of activating it elsewhere unless I replace the modem, just want to see if I can get it unlocked and change some descriptions of the sensors for now.

The effect is irrelevant to 1.14 firmware. It is an effect which happens when flashing 1.14 or later firmware with a version earlier than 1.14. This is a bug effect and not supported by the manufacturer or well tested.

Thanks for the clarification Jason.
On another note, do you provide Alarm.com service to users in Canada? Another provider indicates that the 2GIG LTEA-A-GC2 will roam to Canadian providers and offers monitoring services, however I’ve found that the support and pricing here is exceptional compared to others.

I’ve tried reverting back to firmware 1.13 from a newer version (both 1.14 and 1.19) and I’ve found that my VIVINT branded 2GIG GC2 has unfortunately not exhibited any reset behavior.

Unfortunately we do not currently provide service in Canada.

If you set up service with a provider, they can remotely unlock programming/change installer code etc. if they support that.