Panic Button for Qolsys IQ

I’m looking for some help on a compatible Panic Button for the Qolsys IQ. There used to be a small lock/unlock/panic remote button available but that seems to have disappeared from my research. I don’t want the remote keychain type - we literally just want it as a panic button to trigger the alarm in case of an emergency…

Can anyone recommend one that will work with the IQ?


A list of compatible sensors for the Qolsys IQ Panel can be found here.

Look at GE 60-906-95, GE 60-578-10-95, and QS-6110-P01

Most panic buttons will be a pendant style, but can also just be used as a static button in the home. Keep in mind the alarm response function is determined by programming, not by model. Any panic button can be programmed as a police panic or medical panic.

Thanks Jason - that’s great! Would you know if the QS-1312-P01 Desk Fob shown on that list can be programmed just as a panic button? I don’t want the ability to disarm from a single button without a code etc, but it would work great as a Panic button…

No, that model would learn in as a Keyfob with panic capabilities, not as a panic button.

Thank you. Final question…

The QS-1312-P01 Desk Fob acts as a Keyfob and the Qolsys Panel has an option to NOT allow disarming from a keyfob. Therefore this means the keyfob would meet my needs correct? Ie. It would act as a panic button but you would not be able to disarm from it with a single click? To disarm you would be required to goto the panel or use the mobile app…

If that is the case then it looks like this would work.


Correct you can turn off disarming, but keep in mind that as a keyfob, one button press can still arm the system.

Thanks Jason - that’s great.

Jason - one other question if you don’t mind as I am looking at another option. Could I use an RE101 and enroll that as a Panic Button by using a hardwired Panic button to one of the reed switches? I am thinking something like this


To use the RE101, keep in mind that you would need a normally closed wired circuit. Many push buttons are “push to make” or normally open. Some are normally closed, and some can be configured for both.

The Honeywell 270R may be a good option here.

Thanks Warren. I hadn’t thought of that and will look at the Honeywell option. With that in mind, would the RE119 Flood sensor be a normally open circuit? I am guessing it is and I could replace the flood piece with the panic button? Maybe more expensive this route but need to look at the costs of the Honeywell/101 vs 103 and cheap panic button.

I would not recommend that. The RE119 is not intended for that purpose and would be nearly twice as expensive.

Agreed - I will look at a NC panic button and the RE101.

Thanks for your help!

Hoping for one last piece of advice on this topic if someone can help… I purchased 2 of these Panic buttons to use with the RE101. Wired them up to test as Local Safety Sensors and confirmed they operated as expected - all was good.

Today (we were decorating our bedroom so there was a delay getting them installed properly) I finished the permanent install of the panic buttons but am not sure what type of sensor to install them as? I used Auxillary Pendant - Fixed Intrusion, but randomly about 45 mins after install, both panic buttons automatically triggered a minute apart and set off the alarm.

I am guessing this is due to the supervisory signal checking the sensor and for some reason believing it is in “Panic” mode. Is this due to the Auxillary pendant enrollment expecting a normally open connection? If so, what type of sensor should I enroll these normally closed buttons as to ensure this doesn’t happen? Note: I want them to trigger a police panic, so from what I read in the manual, there are only a few options.

Thanks in advance!

The Panic button you linked, if that is the exact model you have, is normally closed, which is what you would want.

They do latch open though, and require the key to reset after activation, so if you tested them without resetting them, they would remain open indefinitely. Have you manually reset the panic buttons since installing/testing?

Yes - they were tested/reset with the key before I made the changes in the system. I even checked they were showing as closed on there at the time I set them up, so everything seemed good… Until they triggered…

It was strange they both went off one after the other - the alarm triggered, I turned it off, checked the button (was closed as expected), then the next panic button triggered which was also closed as expected. This is what makes me think the supervisory signal was reporting something else/expected it to be open?

This is what makes me think the supervisory signal was reporting something else/expected it to be open?

The supervisory signal definitely would be the instigator, but the zone would not be looking for a NO circuit. The sensor itself is looking for the circuit, and sends a signal when opened.

When you learned in the sensor as a pendant panic, did you learn it via the reed switch? Or did you learn it in via tripping the panic button?

When I originally learnt it in I did so by using the tamper/battery removal per the instructions. Should I delete and re-enroll using the panic button’s directly?

An easy way to test would be to use the magnet to trigger the reed switch opening. Does this cause a panic alarm?

If so, learn in the transmitter via the panic button and see if it activates after the supervisory period again. Also make sure to test it after learning it in as a panic. If you have central station monitoring make sure your system is on test mode for activation.

Ok thanks. Yes the magnet (ie. the button on top driving the magnet) does drive a panic. I will re-enroll and see what happens over the next hour and report back :o)

If the reed switch trips a panic that would be it. Without a magnet closing the reed switch, the panel would see it as open during supervisory checks.