Panel Tamper Help

We are getting a ‘panel tamper’ error on app (console tamper on panel) - continual beeping. We cannot turn it off and have not touched the panel? Any suggestions?

This indicates the panel’s internal tamper switch is being triggered. If the tamper triggers while the panel is armed, this can cause an alarm event.

Disarm the system and place your monitoring account on test mode before troubleshooting.

Steps on how to troubleshoot this issue can be found here:

No option to put panel in test mode - how is this done?

System is already disarmed - still getting constant beeping

Is there anyone we can call on this?

Can you just turn off our system until I can get home to address this? Was trying to manage with my wife, but that is not going to work.

Test Mode is not for the panel, its for your monitoring account. From the link above:

Surety customers can do this via the Professional Monitoring tab in the System Manager section of their Surety account.

System is already disarmed - still getting constant beeping

You should disarm the system so you do not trigger the alarm, this does not stop the panel tamper beep.

The alarm system cannot be turned off remotely. You can place the monitoring account on test mode to avoid false alarms. This can be done via the Surety login, or by calling the monitoring station directly at 855-348-0367.

ok - put account in test mode - thanks.

Any way to stop the beeping?

You can acknowledge trouble conditions from the panel directly (Yellow triangle icon) this will temporarily stop the beeping, but this will return eventually. The underlying issue must be addressed to stop it altogether.