Panel rebooted

Last night as I was walking by my panel I saw it rebooting. Is there a way to determine why? I went thru the mention options and could not find any location where power up or down is recorded. This was about 9:30 pm. I did a quick check of everything and all functions seemed ok, except cellular connection, thus I manually performed a power cycle and then the cellular radio connected. Again, everything seems to be functioning but am concerned when I see things rebooting on their own. Any insight would be appreciated.

Of note, there was no firmware upgrade applied. Already checked it.
Last upgrade was in May.


Happy to assist! Looking into history, I see when the reboot potentially occurred, but no root cause is apparent and the panel is reporting normally. I have reached out to ADC to determine why and will follow up as new information presents itself.

Has this occurred before, or is this the first time?

Thank you for taking a look. First time that I noticed it. If I wasn’t walking by it at the time I would have never known. I arm the unit nightly, so from what I can say, it’s been working reliably. The onboard tests all came back passed without issue.

This is what I was interested as well in that is there a way in the panel to review the logs? I only poked around briefly last night but couldn’t find anywhere where this activity would be recorded. Is this even an option or only available on your end?

No, the logs can only be uploaded to qolsys servers to be viewed by their staff for support purposes.

We can see history similar to what you see in Activity through, just with a lot more detail.

In this case, Qolsys is looking through the logs and will follow up if/when they find anything.

Does the panel reboot when you run a cell test?

No, all test come back successful. This was the reason for my inquiry, everything appears to be working fine and no issues, thus found it weird that it rebooted on it’s own. I initially assumed it must have taken an update until I checked it and found the firmware still from when I initially updated it when I installed it.

Overall everything is functioning ok. If there are no additional errors in the logs, then I toss this up to a fluke and some weird event. Hey, I am in IT and have seen servers, workstations and various other devices reboot on its own occasionally. Isolated / unexplained issues are ok as long as they are not reoccurring regularly. If so, then it’s indication of a larger issue. Anyway, let me know if they ultimately see anything.

Curious if any updates on this. Sitting here watching the football game and noticed the panel rebooting again on its own; approximately 8:53pm. Now starting to wonder if a broader issue is at hand.

I had a Simon xt that did that once apparently is was motherboard issue

power supply?

All tests via the panel pass successfully. Wondering if there is a deeper diagnostic that I can run. I am using the included power supply, so not sure it’s that but again, would need a way to test that directly.

Nothing new as of yet. I just uploaded the logs covering the reboot yesterday and Qolsys techs are looking into the issue to determine root cause/next troubleshooting steps.

Another reboot this evening, 8:56 pm

Thank you for that. Was that the last time over the past week that the panel updated on its own?

I think so. I honestly don’t sit in the room every night but have at least 4 times in the past week. Have not noticed it during those times.

Thank you for that information and apologies for the delay. At this juncture Qolsys does not have any recommended steps towards resolution, nor have they been able to determine the root cause for the reboots.

In this case, panel replacement is recommended. Just let us know if you would like to proceed with this and we can get the process started

Ok, I think it might be best at this point. I worry what would happen if it rebooted while armed and if it would cause the system to disarm. Thus probably best not to test that scenario. Let me know next steps on initiating the swap.


A reboot will not cause the system to change arming status. If its armed, itll be armed after the reboot.

You can find our return policy here. With a warranty replacement, you have a couple options:

  1. send the defective unit back and once it has been processed a new panel will be send back to you.

  2. if you would like the replacement shipped prior to the defective equipment arriving at Surety you can purchase a replacement via our online store for us to ship out. The total cost of the replacement order, including shipping, will be refunded once the defective equipment has been returned to us.

With alarm panels, the panel must be disassociated from the account before it can be sent back. If taking the second option, you would wait for the new panel to arrive, do a backup restore to transfer sensor settings to the new panel and begin using the new panel. Then an RMA would be issued for the defective unit and it could be sent back.

Just following up here, did the issue resolve? If not and you were still interested in replacement, let us know.

Hi Tyler,

Sorry, thanks for the follow up. I do want to proceed with the replacement and had been planning on going with the second option of purchasing a replacement first, to allow swapping out and then sending in the defective unit. Thus wanted to wait till after the holiday and Black Friday blitz of spending. Thus I will go online in the morning and be purchasing a replacement unit.


Hey guys,

Panel should have arrived back. If not, I would assume by Monday or Tuesday at the latest. In any case, my next question is I am getting emails about my account not active and to go into System Manager to activate. Do I actually need to do this and remove the old unit manually and active the new? Just want to be certain on the correct process here with the swap. Let me know.


Yes u would need to go in to system manger and swap out the IMei information and add the new panel in