Panel issue help

For some reason my Iq pane 2 is delaying when trying to arm also screen is slow to spond what can fix this do we need to possible warrently this

We’ve heard this from others. Mine responds slowly sometimes as well. Let me see what I can find out from Qolsys. I’ll follow up when I have something.

Ok thanks

Agree, we’ve experienced this as well. In fact, this is the reason we installed the powerG keypad with physical buttons-- the qolsys panel was so delayed in registering button presses we’d inadvertently input the incorrect code and trigger an alarm.

I have had this issue several times idk why but I have hopefully we can get this warranty because if not I might have to look at a different system which I don’t want to do because I just got new powerg smoke detectors

I do wonder if an Android tablet is up to the task of serving as a reliable security panel. Android in general is not secure, and I believe the operating system if this panel is quote old and certainly not supported anymore (Android version 4??)
I have used PowerG sensors exclusively for security, but if the operating system if the panel leave opportunity for improvement, is it worth it at all?

Right I’m starting to wonder I have been tempted to change 2gig gc3e but I’d have to replace all the smokes and co or going to a Honeywell system

This issue needs fixed or il will be switching providers

I had to manually power down the alarm panel and almost caused an alarm because it would detect me opening the door or anything but the panel is hot as heck I don’t feel comfortable putting this pane back on the wall I feel like it’s gonna need replaced

The touchscreen being slow to respond is one thing, which we are trying to address for you. If the panel is hot that’s a whole different issue. It shouldn’t be hot.

How are you powering it? Are you using the power supply that came with the panel and just plugging it into the panel with the barrel connector? Are you using a different wire or wall mounting it?

If you can, please attach pics of how it’s being powered.

It’s a heavily modified Android OS. They’ve locked it down pretty well. Android is just an efficient way to get certain operating system services. They don’t use all of it. For example, we can’t install apps on it. Only the built-in systems apps are allowed. The kernel enforces that it only communicates with specific Qolsys servers. Android is used this way in lots of industries such as in vehicles, point of sale terminals, etc… I had the same concern at first but after thoroughly looking into it I’m convinced they’re using it the right way.

I know the panel was hot when I powered it down I turned on the access point recently idk if that’s cause it and it’s mounted on the wall as well as being powered by the wire and battery transformer it came with

With the system was freezing up big time and then it took forever to try get the panel power down part to the point I had to force is down by unplugging the barrel and battery but I let it sit for about an hr and plugged it back in it seems to work fine now I haven’t reactivated the access point yet but prob won’t

So I know how does the warranty work

Our warranty process is described here.

If the panel is overheating and it’s being powered by the power supply that came with it then, yes, I think that would be a warranty replacement.

Qolsys and we are closed tomorrow for Memorial Day. One we get the RMA we can process it on Tuesday.

So how exactly do we do it that little part there is confusing me question cause I have gotten a translator coming this week if we have to replace the panel is it possible to just be sent the 319 version and If it won’t mess u all up I have a 319 plus that I’m gonna possibly install tommorow to take are of them till I get things fixed with the panel with u all

I am curious though could it be where trying to work both powerg and345

You can send back the bad equipment and we’ll send you a replacement. Or, if you don’t want any down time, you can buy a replacement, swap your panels when you receive it, and then send back the bad one. We’ll refund it when we receive the bad panel.

Please wait until Tuesday though. We need to get approval from Qolsys for a replacement before we do a warranty exchange.

Using PowerG and 345 MHz should not cause the panel to overheat. If it actually does then that’s a big problem. But I doubt it.

Ok until Tuesday I’m gonna activate my 319 I’m not using in until we can get a replacement fixed but would we be able to just receive the 319 instead of 345

Do I have to pay for shipping or is that payed