Options for DR Horton smart home... Release/unregister policy?


We’re soon to be purchasing a DR Horton smart home with Qolsys IQ Panel.

We’re looking for options to connect with alarm.com and are considering surety.

I love that there is no contract but want to ask, if we cancel surety service down the road, will you guys promptly release/unregister the cellular modem in the Qolsys IQ Panel so we can switch to another service provider?

I’ve heard folks having to buy new panels because other service providers would not release/unregister the modem, locking them in, and would prefer not to go thru that myself.

Thanks for any info on the official surety policy here.

– Rich

You are right, in many cases providers may give trouble when the desire to cancel comes around. However you don’t need to worry about that with us.

All Surety service is month to month and you can schedule cancellation at any time. There is a cancel button on our website in your subscription management page which lets you select your desired cancel date, as soon as the next business day.

Upon cancellation being processed, your Alarm.com account through Surety is disconnected and your IMEI is unregistered and available for use elsewhere immediately.

Awesome, thank you – great to know! Hopefully when we move in we can register right away!

Depending on the home builder program company that installed the system, you may have trouble getting them to release it, fyi. The installing company typically will have an Alarm.com account already connected to the panel. That account would need to be cancelled.

Thanks for the warning. Worst case, it looks like I can buy a new control panel from you guys for $336, and just replace the existing panel… On that new panel page, it says:

Requires separate plan for remote control and monitoring after free trial.

Professional Monitoring

First month free, $5/month after trial

How does that $5/month compare to the $6/month of the Surety Automate plan? Is that in addition to or in place of?

Automate is not related to the $5 monitoring charge. The $5 is for optional professional operator monitoring, by default that is included but you can omit it.

Automate does not support alarm monitoring at all. It is a simpler plan that just supports automation features and sensor activity through Alarm.com.

Monitoring is applicable to the Alarm, Home, Complete, and Protect plans.

A free month of Home service is included with panel purchases. You can downgrade or upgrade as desired 24/7 through our website after getting the system activated.

Thanks – sorry for so many questions!

To confirm, if I get Surety Automate for $6/month, I would not need the $5/month, and could still monitor house temperature, etc., myself (my main goal)?

But I’m confused if I actually want professional monitoring and I pay the $5/month at the time of panel purchase – do I still need Surety Home for an additional $22/month? I can’t really figure out what the $5/month is for – I would have thought Surety Home included what I needed if I already had a panel?

Thanks again!

Sorry, I think I figured it out – in both cases, the panel comes with Surety Home – and for $5/month additional, you get the Home plus professional monitoring… I don’t see any way to order the panel and get Surety Automate for $6/month. Is there a way? Thanks!

The plans page here is the best spot to look at the pricing breakdown.

A free month of Home service is included with all panel purchases. You can then downgrade or upgrade as desired 24/7 through our website after getting the system activated. So you can activate your system, then immediately downgrade to Automate if you want.

Professional Monitoring is $5. It refers to operators receiving alarm signals from your system and contacting your call list and authorities for dispatch if necessary.

Professional Monitoring can’t be added to the Automate plan.

It is applicable to Alarm, Home, Complete, and Protect. It is included by default. It can be removed if desired. Removing it lowers the cost by $5.

So as of today Home is $22 with monitoring, or remove professional monitoring and self monitor for $17.

The bulk of each plan is for cellular data and Alarm.com features. See the plans page link above for lists of those included features.

OK thanks, now I get it! I’ll try and find out if my panel is already registered by my builder tomorrow if I can visit the house… And I’ll grab the IMEI if it is not yet registered… :slight_smile:

Let us know if we can be of further help! The IMEI can be found on a sticker on the back of the panel, or through the UI at Settings > Advanced Settings > About > Cellular.