IQ2 Panel in New House, Change Companies

Hi there,

Just bought a new DR Horton house that includes an IQ2 panel and some additional devices, the panel is locked by ADT Safe Haven and I do not have the installer code. I absolutely do not want ADT in my house, can you help me get this panel on the surety ecosystem?

A similar question regarding a Home-Builder program system and how to get it connected is found here.

A system installed by a builder program company will be registered to an account through the installing dealer at the time of install. The panel can only be assigned to one account at a time.

In order to reuse the system with a different service provider, you will need to get that installing dealer to delete the account tied to it.

Often this is possible, some may give you trouble, it depends who you are talking to.

The installer code isn’t necessary to get started, nor would having it help out in this scenario. The account must be deleted for the panel to be reused.

All you would need to get started is the master user code, default 1234, which is your primary user code to arm and disarm.