Not able to add Camera

I am not able to add camera into into my account.

Video Device has been installed on a different account

Please help to resolve this issue.

That means the camera is already connected to another account. Are you moving it from one account to another? Or did you buy it used and it might still be connected to the previous owner’s account? This topic might help.

Old account has been closed and I am trying to activate it again but it seems camera is still showing up on closed account. I don’t have access to old account to delete it.

The prior provider may have accepted a cancellation request or cancelled billing, but the message in ADC means that the camera is still connected to an active account. The prior provider would need to either delete the camera or delete the account in order to reuse that camera.

We can double check and verify the current registration status of the camera. Send a private message with the MAC address of the camera so that we can verify.