New Qolsys panel coming in 2015?

So I was talking to a local distributor and he was saying that the current Qolsys panel is very buggy. So much so apparently that Qolsys is coming out with a new panel in the first quarter of 2015.

Has anyone here heard that? What bugs would he be talking about?

There are a few bugs being worked on with the Qolsys IQ panel, but one of the best aspects of the panel, (to me, at least) is that patches and updates can be so easily applied. Qolsys also has almost monthly software updates planned, with another new one supposedly coming out before the new year to address a number of issues.

Considering that software bugs can be so easily patched on the IQ panel once diagnosed, I would find it very odd for that to be reason enough to plan a new panel so soon. For older traditional boards that may be understandable.

A couple serious current issues I am personally aware of:

GE model Repeaters causing issues with sensor signals.
New GE Smoke detector model with ~1-minute supervision pulse causing issues with sensor signals.

Thanks Jason! Great feedback.

So really it doesn’t seem like there are any bugs serious enough to warrant someone looking elsewhere. Especially when Qolsys seems to be on top of it with updates.

I wonder if the local guy is talking about a secondary panel… that would be awesome.

I am not certain myself. I do know that bugs exist, but it is still fairly early in the panel’s life-cycle so it isn’t completely unexpected. There are I’m sure more than I mentioned, but those are two situations with known causes that can interrupt panel operation. Both are to be addressed with the next update.

The Revision E panel is out and it seems very stable— as long as you download the current software release. The biggest mistake people make with this panel is the don’t FOLLOW the DIRECTIONS, once you get it connected to wifi, update it, and don’t use the CO2 detectors they are the biggest issues I’m getting from customers

Don't use the C02 detectors...they don't work..

Is it just me, or should QOLSYS have tested their gear, and made sure it actually worked prior to release?..beta testing should not be done using the mass consumer/customer base.

If you are on the fence regarding 2GIG or Qolsys, go with 2GIG, and hold off on Qolsys till 2016. (Lesson to be learned: never be a first year early adopter if you actually expect the device/equipment/gear to function as it should)

What problems are you seeing with the Qolsys CO detectors?

Problems with Co2 detectors is with resolution products not qolsys, ,alot of tamper and false alarms,replaced them with the GE Co2 .
Rive the panel is fine and issues have been addressed quickly with OTA updates. The team at Qolsys is very supportive and quick to respond to issues

This has been my experience as well. They are quickly reactive to looking into issues and do not dismiss them as one-time flukes (even if they might be).

Rive-- Qolsys didn’t make the CO2 detectors-- resolution products did, the easy fix is to just install the GE CO2 detectors, they work fine with it. We chose to use the GE sensors with the Qolsys panel. Or you can use your Honeywell sensors with the wireless translator

So…what Qolsys panel revision is current now? “rev.E”? Are any of these revisions hardware changes, or just software?

I’m not aware of a new Qolsys panel coming out in Q1 2015. If that were true I’m pretty sure I would have heard about it from Qolsys. But yeah, I’m sure there will be regular software updates.

I recently had asked Qolsys about the GSM version and this was their reply:

“For GSM: We are working on having an HSPA AT&T version of the panel available. GSM is going to be end of life in less than 2 years.”

Does that statement mean GSM is end of life in less than two years or the Current panel is end of life in less than two years?

It means GSM aka 2G cell modules are EOL/will no longer function nationwide in a few years as carrier support is ending.

AT&T said it plans to switch off every last bit of its 2G cellular network by January 1, 2017 AT&T 2G cellular 'sunset' in California and other US areas effective May, 2014.
T-Mobile plans to upgrade entire 2G network to LTE by mid-2015

The current Qolsys panels are Verizon CDMA, not GSM. They have no end of life coming any time soon.

There are no 2 G radios in the Qolsys panels-- there is only currently the 3G Verizon radio, they are releasing ATT and TMobile 3 G models shortly, plus it has the wifi communicator as well, so they are all Dual reporting with the latest software update

I have installed a Qolsys panel and have not had any issues what so ever with my panel. Installation was a breeze. And having dual mode wifi/cellular speeds up communication with the panel for zwave devices, arming/disarming, etc. (wifi is faster). I have not installed any smoke or co2 detectors, so cannot speak to any potential issues here. Personally, I did a far amount of research before purchasing a system, and Qolsys came out on top for me.

I love my Qolsys as well, only complaint I have after a month is the keypad is slow, sometimes I have to wait a second or even two before typing in the next number to disarm. When the voice is saying “disarmed” it skips around.

the keypad delay should be fixed in the next software update

Is there any timeline on that next update? I thought I remembered seeing it was December-ish, but assuming that’s a faulty memory.