New IQ Panel 4 issues

I just got the new IQ panel 4. Noticing 2 problems.

  1. There is a gap on top of the panel.

  1. There is a popping noise coming from the speakers on the panel after the panel makes a sound/chime

Does anybody else with the new panel have any of these problems?

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  1. Did it arrive this way in the box? The panel is not meant time come apart at that part of the touchsreen glass. Only the back plate is removable.

Can you provide additional pictures of the unit (top near the gap, back of the panel etc. ) You can send them via Private Message or to

  1. Have not come across anything like this yet. Does this happend every time, or just sometimes. How high is the volume?

Sometimes triggering the siren can resolve sound issues. You can test the siren from Settings > Advanced Settings > System Tests > Panel Test.

Triggering the siren outside of panel test will generate an alarm. If you have 24/7 professional monitoring, you will want to place your monitoring account on test mode via the System Manager feature of your Surety account to avoid false dispatches.

Hi Tyler,

Yes the panel came that way from the box. I will send over more pictures.

It makes a popping sound after the touch sound or voice prompts. So when I touch the panel, it makes a little sound, then about 3 seconds later, it pops once. Or after the voice on the panel talks, about 3 seconds later, it pops once. The sound is not very loud. I can hear it because I am standing right next to the panel. It happens on all volume levels, even low. I have ran the siren test and it passed. The popping noise is still there.

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I was able to recreate the gap issue.Its from the camera adjustment screw. Turning it too far counter clockwise will create the gap, turning it clockwise should resolve the issue.

As for the popping noise, have you performed a panel reboot?

My panel also makes a popping noise after a haptic sound. I cannot seem to upload a video on this forum unless I uploaded to a theory party site and added a link. Can I send a video via PM?

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Private Message works fine.

I have reached out to Qolsys for more information, to see if this is a known issue, and to check for any resolution. I will follow up once I have more inforamtion .

I did not see an option to upload a video to the PM so I sent an email to the support address.

Received. The videos are really short, so its hard to confirm, but it sounds just like the normal feeback noise.

Navigate to Settings > Advanced Sttings > Sound and disabnle Touch Sounds.

Does the noise persist?

I just emailed another video. You can hear the initial haptic noise but then there is another delayed “click” or “pop” before I uncheck the “Touch Sounds” box.

I am not sure if the OP is hearing the same noise but I have noticed the delayed sound since installing. I never mentioned it but figured I would add a data point of OP has the same issue.

  1. I tried turn the camera adjustment screw and it helped a little. But I’m afraid the plastic has taken shape as being separated and will not fully close the gap because it has been in that state too long. The gap is still there, but a little less noticeable.

  2. This is not a normal feedback noise. The pop can be heard about 2-3 seconds AFTER the “normal” haptic/feedback noise. Turn the touch sounds off, of course, will not produce the pop noise because the speakers are not producing sound, so it will not make the popping noise. The popping noise can be heard after any sound the speaker makes - not just the touch noise.

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@loctran23 can you record a few seconds of this sound? Ill need to send it to Qolsys, its not something i can recreate locally. You can send a .mov or something to

Same small pop or click sound on my IQ4 panel. Not really bothersome, but it is there too. It sounds like the audio driver is turning off after a few seconds, and a little residual power is being drained by the speakers.

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I am still trying to upload the video, but my email has limit of 25mb. How else can I send the video?

Email to or you can upload it here.

You may be able to adjust the size of the file, adjust the quality, or make shorter videos. You can also compress the file by zipping it when emailing.

Roughly 10 seconds of the noise should be plenty to pass along to Qolsys.

Might be able to use cloud sharing like DropBox or something as well.

I installed my IQ panel 4 today and have noticed four issues:

  1. I have the same issue with a gap at the top of the panel and an LED indicator light shining on wall as loctran23 reported last December. FWIW, the flextilt camera adjustment screw on my panel doesn’t have any effect on the camera angle.

  2. I suggest a control to adjust the brightness of the LED indicators. Until an adjustment is implemented, I’ll probably disable them.

  3. The frequency of the siren is so high it’s uncomfortable. The only way I’ve found around it is to lower the volume to the point where it doesn’t provide much if any alerting if there would be an issue.

  4. The AP (access point) option seems to have disappeared. I’m sure I observed it early during the setup, but now that I have it connected to my personal wifi, I cannot find any way to also enable the AP.

I installed an IQ4 in past week and found the following:

  1. LED light shining on the wall - Due to the cutout in the panel surround for the camera adjustment screw. This seems like an overall design defect of the unit and not a manufacturing issue (unless a series of units is missing an internal deflection/blocker piece)

  2. Gap in top of panel - I observed no gap straight out of the box or when doing bench testing, but I had a gap after installation on the wall. When I originally mounted the IQ4 I didn’t use the middle screw slot at the top of the bracket and I found the bracket was slightly bowing up in the center. I put a screw in the middle hole to push the center of the bracket flush and the gap at the top of the panel was gone.

  3. The speaker makes a low pop sound after it plays back any messages/sounds. This pop occurs every single time and it sounds to me like it’s the speaker shutting off. Here is a recording: Download - TransferNow - I suggest listening with headphones on. You can hear the pop immediately after “Enter user code”. The 4 tabs you hear afterwards are me putting in an invalid code, and then you can hear the pop again after the second voice prompt.

As for the siren, it’s not supposed to be comfortable to listen to, it’s supposed to alert people to an intrusion and wake them up if needed, as well as deter burglars from staying in your premises. If you think the internal siren is bad, you should go listen to an add-on siren with a 105dB rating. It actually drowns out the internal siren entirely (only 85dB) and it is much more uncomfortable when you get close to it.

RE: the gap at the top of my panel and the LED shining on the wall, I don’t want to experiment with mounting adjustments until I hear from someone at Surety.

Here is where to find access point settings to turn it on:

Needs installer code or dealer code to access the Installation menu. You can reset your installer code in our system manager if needed.

Regarding the gap, the other poster is correct, it is potentially caused by bowing of the back plate on the wall. Also check the screws you are using, if you are using large pan head screws these can obstruct the closure of the panel.

Flat drywall screws are better to use.

Qolsys is actually going to be revamping the back plate on newer revisions due to feedback, particularly on the flexibility of the plate allowing for those mounting imperfections.