New Doorbell?

Currently, I have a Skybell HD. Last year, the battery went bad and I was able to replace the battery. Now, I am periodically getting a buzzing sound from the actual indoor chime. I’m unsure if this is due to the doorbell or my electrical system.

Are there any new doorbells on the horizon? The current doorbell doesn’t match up to the Skybell HD in terms of specs.

The new ADC doorbell was delayed due to all the supply chain issues. My best guess for the new doorbell is that they will launch it at ISC West in July and it will become available to purchase in August. But that’s just a guess. I’m pretty sure it won’t be before that. It could be delayed even longer.

OK. As long as I know something will be coming out this year, I will hold off on purchasing anything until then.

Thanks for the info.

I don’t “know” something will be coming out this year. But if I had to bet money I’d bet on August. Personally, I would wait. The doorbell camera will be significantly better than the Skybell. I’m sure it will cost more but in my opinion it will be worth it.

Understood :grinning: .

I’m willing to pay extra for the better model. I tried out the current ADC doorbell since the Skybell HD was still under warranty at the time my battery started swelling. Needless to say, I was very disappointed. It was promptly returned and I changed the battery in the Skybell HD to get it working again. Huge difference in quality IMHO.

Any idea what the specs might be on the new door bell? Hopefully something on par with the “Nest Hello” or the “Vivint” door bell camera…

From what we know I believe some of the big differences is that it has a dual antenna for wifi to maximize signal, and it supposedly will have a 150 degree vertical field of view, allowing a full view of the doorway area so packages and faces are always in view.

Supposed to have a user-replaceable battery as well.

Could this be the new doorbell camera?

So r u saying that the new doorbell will be battery powered

Yes, I believe there is a white version (pictured) and an all black one.

No, it’s not battery powered. The backup battery is easily replaceable. One of the complaints with Skybell is how hard it is to replace the battery.

Here’s a post with a little more info.

I read there will be two versions available. Battery version which was talked about being released first and a wired one.

I heard the wired one is coming first and the battery only version some time down the road. Hopefully they’ll release it and we’ll know soon enough.

You are correct, maybe with the delays they will be released together. We will see soon.

Any news on the new ADC Doorbell release date??

It was in Beta and I think its seen a limited release in a post beta of sorts, but no release date just yet.

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Ah okay…I am building my home and have a general idea of all the equipment I’ll need, but based on reviews and issues seen on this forum, don’t want to rely on the adc skybell. Once the new doorbell is up, I’ll purchase the equipment and start monitoring with you guys.

As soon as we have more information on its release we will post it on the forum

Sweet! Thanks for your time responding. I’ve been vetting surety since I’ve never heard of y’all and so far across several years I can see the support is great and feel comfortable trying you guys out with an adc system. I say this because I’m affiliated with a very large and established 3 letter global security company and comparatively the monitoring costs for the same services are more reasonable with you guys. I can’t wait!

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