New doorbell cams?

Are there new ADC doorbells that have been announced or coming soon? The existing models are pretty long in the tooth, and are lacking compared to the competition (no 5ghz wifi, require hardwiring, laggy video, poor night vision, etc).

Here is a thread about the new ADC doorbell which will be out soon. No ETA yet, but it is expected very soon.

It will have a superior build quality all around and will use analytics.

It will still require being wired to power of course.

5ghz is unlikely (I think it will just be 2.4), but I would recommend against it even if supported. The overall range and penetration of 5ghz is generally very problematic for an outdoor wifi device. Individual cases may vary.

Thanks for the update Jason. I’ll be sure to read through the thread.

5ghz wifi is perfect for me, as I have an outdoor AP a few feet away and my neighborhood is flooded with 2.4 ghz radios. Kind of odd not to support 5ghz these days. Every bargain basement chipset has 2.4+5; almost like you’d need to go out of your way to use an older 2.4-only set. Anyway, glad to hear that updated models are on the way.