New cell module but no test button in CP


I have a new unregistered cell module in an existing Vivint go-control panel. Once booted up, I do not have the button to perform cell phone test…the spot where it should be is blank.

I bought the house about 3 months ago and was getting weather data displayed daily, the house had been vacant for about 2 years…therefore I know there was active communication from Vivint to the CP. The former owner’s contract was not in effect I was told.

During my numerous attempts to talk to vivint about releasing the cell module (which they would not…not surprised) and researching online I did a soft reset (both zones and control).

At some point during this process the button for cell phone test disappeared. It may have occurred during the soft reset, or may have been blocked/locked by a rouge Vivint employee since they obviously still had access. I did make it very clear during some of my phone calls that I would not be using their service.

So, I ordered a new cell phone module and an update cable. I had V1.5 and flashed V1.13 in hopes of resolving this and no luck. It was suggested that I revert to V1.9.6 which I did and this did not bring back the cell phone test button.

I powered down and restarted with both the old and new module several times making sure it was seated properly to no avail. Still not buton for cell phone test.

I do not know what options I have now other than replacing the CP which I don’t really don’t want to do.

Any ideas?

They couldn’t release the cell phone module if they wanted to. They had custom modules made for 2GIG panels that will only work with their own account. Isn’t it great when companies go that extra mile to lock you in?

In your Installer Toolbox does the “radio status” button show up and does it work? If not then the panel probably isn’t able to detect your cellular module so it’s probably damaged or defective. Just to be safe, what is the model number of your cell module? We need to make sure it’s an 3G module and not a Telguard module.

In your system Configuration, can you verify that you have the following questions set to these values?

Q8 = 0
Q11 = (empty)
Q12 = (empty)
Q63 = 0
Q91 = 1

Radio status does not show up nor can I access the system configuration because of it being blocked. I’ll verify the module in a little bit and reply but I’m certain its a Verizon module compatible with my cp.

Ryan, How do I tell what model number? What do I look for?

Should end in “A” look on the module itself



Yeah, that is the Verizon module. Have you tried resetting the panel settings to factory defaults and using 1561 as the installer code? You might try flashing back to the 1.13 firmware and resetting to factory defaults. If it works that would just get you into installer programming but then you would be able to see whether the radio status button is showing up.

Not sure how to get to factory defaults. If its done by holding the 2 buttons while plugging in power with battery disconnected then I have tried that and it booted up normal making me think that was disabled by the vivint installer. I was on v1.5 and flashed right to v1.13 and trying to get the cell phone test to show up I flashed v1.9.6. At no point has 1561 ever worked…only 2203. However 2203 has gotten me into the installer toolbox. Will reflashing either 1.13 or 1.9.6 again do anything different?

Vivint locks out the Q45 reset.

If you can’t see cell test, and assuming cell module is not defective, then you are SOL. Replace panel.

Ya…that’s what I figured. Was hoping there was some other forced flash method that could reset the cp.

My theory was that if you reset the settings to factory default while running the normal 2GIG 1.13 firmware instead of Vivint’s custom firmware it might set your installer code back to 1561. I don’t know it would work, just being hopeful. There is no 2GIG supported process for taking back control of a dealer custom panel so all we can do if offer tips and things to try. Quite a few have successfully taken back control of Vivint’s 2GIG panels and @riven is the most knowledgeable about it. He’s actually done it. We don’t do that, we work with standard 2GIG panels.

Seeing alot of these branded 2GIG panels where it no longer recognizes a cell module.

Makes me wonder if there is something on the airfx backend that allows disablement/bricking of these non-OEM panels… or if not, if there is some kind of defect. On the other hand, It’s too easy to inadvertently damage the MB on these panels, and it doesn’t take much.

It wouldn’t be a far fetched theory that vivint is rendering panels useless that they used to monitor when they realize the new owner will not subscribe to their service.

Do you have any un supported methods to try taking back the panel?

It wouldn’t be a far fetched theory that vivint is rendering panels useless that they used to monitor when they realize the new owner will not subscribe to their service.

It’s not quite like that. The vivint go control uses the backend, same as SuretyCAM. the program is called “airfx”

The whole purpose of Q’s 43,44, 45 was to prevent takeovers. The fact you could do it and reset those Q’s simply by replacing cell module was a loophole that was bound to upset many Dealers, it is possible someone at 2GIG/ADC may have someone closed it somehow.

One method I know of would be to use airfx on a customer that has canceled, but still has an active cell module in panel, and then remotely change Q44 and Q45 to “0”, and change Q91 to “0”

that would effectively brick the panel and prevent unlocking via cell module.

The only problem is, that it requires at least firmware 1.10 (vivint doesn’t support anything higher that 1.9.6)

As for other methods, there are none that I am aware of, that functional cellular is the only way.

Looks like I should just buy a refurbished panel.

For years I’ve flashed custom ROMs on many android devices so accepting defeat is hard to do.

Airfx is the only backdoor, but to use it, the panel must have an active connection either via cell or bridge (but without installer access, you can’t pair/install the bridge)

You can buy a brand new vivint branded go control panel for like $50 on ebay, then it it a simple matter to update firmware, add a cell module, disable the 48 hour installer lockout, and reprovision it to work with any provider.

Why do you say vivint branded? I have an unregistered cell module already and have flashed updated firmware so all I need to do is buy a new panel

Why do you say vivint branded?

Vivint gocontrol panels usually are a fraction of the price of an OEM gocontrol panel

If you replace panel, you will have most likely want to re-flash any firmware to new panel (Vivint only goes to 1.9.6, and current firmware is 1.13 (and will shortly be 1.14)).

Its a 2gig panel with a vivint silk screen logo on front. That is what “vivint branded” means. Once you turn on a new Vivint panel for the first time, you have 48 hours to disable Q44 lockout using installer code 2203.

Once firmware is updated on the vivint panel, and all Q’s are optimized, it is identical in every way to a 2GIG OEM panel that retails for $150-$170.

you can even remove the silk screen vivint branded logo with q-tips and acetone (nail polish remover).

Here is how to default and optimize the programming Q’s of a vivint branded GoControl panel:

To be honest I’m not sure I want anything to do with a 2gig panel that had any association with vivint. I’m afraid of having issues like I’m having now.