New touch screen thermostat?

Does anyone know anything about new thermostat with touch screen. This show up on internet but I can’t find anything about it anywhere.

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Fount the model ADC-T40K-HD but nothing else. Price, manual, availability, comparability ?

Nothing from ADC officially. Ill do some digging, could be a product thats upcoming or a product available in other markets. If i find any thing substantial ill follow up here.

I founded on building 36 website that is sister company.

Correct, I found the same information initially. Not everything from Building 36 works with directly.

This particular device may be released for use with but there are not any specs or release date information at this time. I suspect more information might get released come ISC West at the end of next month, but that is conjecture on my part.

We will post more information about it if it becomes available.

Have you guys gone to Vegas for ADC ? anything new on this thermostat?

The ADC-T40K-HD was announced. We do not have a release date at this time however.

Do we have any know spec on it?

Not fully at this point. I know it will have S2 security and feature humidity and vent control. Im told it should have local scheduling as well so long as it is not connected to a Z-Wave hub.

We should have more solid specs in the near future.

Any chance this will have more robust digital, or perhaps even mechanical, relays? I’m having issues with the T3000 going in to system protect in cooling and need to install a relay. If this new model has better relays I might upgrade in lieu of adding an additional component/failure point to the system.

I’m not sure how much of a DIY person you are, but 2 years ago I really wanted to replace my thermostat (which is a perfectly good workingthermostat, Trane XL-824 built-in relays, runs all my HVAC perfectly) with the T3000 so I can get the intergration with the alarm, now fast forward 2 years later…im so happy I didn’t get the T3000 (or any other termostat for that matter).

I got into what is called Home Assistant (HA), which a platform that runs on a Raspberry Pi (or other hardwars) and supports over 2000 integrations, including and theromostat. Now, I have these two reporting to HA and I’ve set up automations/rules/scripts fairly easy, to do exactly what I want it to do.

If you are a DIY/tinkerer, you may wish to explore this method, and replace your T3000 with your original theromstat (if it was a smart connected one).

Any chance this will have more robust digital, or perhaps even mechanical, relays?

Not sure quite yet, I sent a question to ADC about this to see if I can get confirmation today. I know this was a common feedback they received on the T3000 so I have to imagine it was considered.

I was able to confirm that they did revert to mechanical relays intentionally due to the sensitivity with the T3000 digital relays.

Awesome! Obvious follow-up question, how soon can I get one through Surety? I see them available on other sites now.

They were recently made available through in limited quantity in a sort of soft launch. We don’t typically sell products until until they are shipped widely through distributors.

You can use compatible products obtained through any vendor with our service.

Are we going to see firmware update for the iq panel to be able to work with new thermostat?

The thermostat works on the IQ Panel on current firmware.

It has been a while. Do we have any updates or anything on this product?

The T40K-HD is not available through Surety at the time of this writing as it has not been widely released just yet. It may be availble through select vendors however.

Known product information for the T40K-HD can be found below:

I bought one of these a few weeks ago from a retailer other than Surety. DM me if you want the details. Works well with my IQ4.

Here’s my quick review from a DM that I sent another member:

I’m liking it so far. It doesn’t introduce any new scheduling/smart features over the T-3000, but it makes it easier to set the temperature set points at a glance — especially in auto mode where you get to set your own lower bound and and upper bound: super easy with the touchscreen.

Here are the caveats: You still can’t modify the schedule on the screen — it’s all in the app still. And, the customization is barebones. You can’t even change the background images or anything like that (it cycles through the 3 same stock photos, depending on the time of day). Basically the only user customization option is the choice to have the touchscreen turn on when motion is detected, or to require a tap. Everything else is baked in, so to speak.

Personally, I’d say not worth the upgrade over the old ADC thermostats if you are thinking of replacing them and aren’t having any problems. There are literally no new features (unless you count having easier control over the upper and lower bounds in auto mode as a feature). But, if you are buying regardless, and the extra ~$100 doesn’t matter to you, I’d say that you won’t have any regrets picking it up over the older models. If anything, it’s a step more intuitive to use than the older ones. And, I can’t find anything wrong with it so far and it certainly looks fancier than the older models! I just wish the faceplate came in white… it would’ve passed approval with the woman of the house more easily if so haha.