New touch screen thermostat?

@BChome just curious, does it have built-in relays? i.e. can to take 2-wire accessories and does it make clicking souds when it turns something on/off?

Yes, unlike the T3000 it has mechanical relays and makes clicking sounds when turning on and off.

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You still can’t modify the schedule on the screen — it’s all in the app still.

I havent been able to test this myself, but i believe you can when the TSTAT is not tied to the Z-Wave Network. The feature is meant for new installs w/o service and its not documented what specifically can be scheduled.

Oh, I remember reading that! I linked it to my z-wave network immediately so I can only comment on functionality when integrated with the network.

Do we have any news on availity, pricing ?

It’s been in stock for several months now at a few different retailers. I bought mine from for $270 in June and it looks like they are still selling them for that.

Surety isn’t “stocking” it yet – a team member here will have to comment on if they have any plans to do so. Surety is sometimes late to the game in selling new stuff (like they still don’t have the v724 camera that was released a year ago) but they usually beat on price if/when they decide to.

The new thermostat model is not being sold through distribution yet as far as I know. I believe it is still at this time only available as a direct purchase for dealers through I do not have pricing info for our store for that product.

Regardless of the purpose behind the more limited release, whether they are gauging demand, limiting release to iron out kinks, training internally on the new product, etc., we always tend to wait for wide release before selling the product.