Need to switch providers

I currently have Safehaven with I want to switch to Surety but when I enter my IMEI number it says it’s already registered with and to use module surety, it must be LTE enabled and the account needs to be deleted with current provider. How do I know if I have a lte module and go about canceling to sign up with surety?

To best assist, what panel do you have?

This guide covers the difference between 3G and 4G LTE

The module needs to be unregistered before it can be connected to service through Surety as modules can only be tied to one account at a time.

I have a IQpanel which I do believe has the module needed. My current provider expires on June 29. Should I wait til it expires and will that delete it from their system?

You would need to cancel service with your current provider, and more specifically they need to cancel the existing account linked to the panel. That would allow it to be registered to a new account.

The panel can only be connected to one account at a time.

Contract expiration generally does not mean cancellation, you typically need to explicitly request cancellation.

If I only wanted the use of the panel with the for use of temp, lights and garage doors, what would be the cheapest option to sign up.

Our plans are compared here:

For automation devices like lights, garage, etc., the Home plan would be needed.

All of Surety’s plan options are the cheapest in the market. You could get their most expensive plan and it’s cheaper than most other companies’ lower plans.