Need help setting up Vivout Freedom Quick Start Kit

So I bought the kit to change my Vivint system into a suertycam system and the kit arrived today.

Opened the box and no directions on installing anything but the CDMA module. No information in the email I was sent. No information on how to use the cable to upgrade your firmware.

I tried removing the control panel off the wall and it would not budge. I can’t even tell how it’s hooked onto the wall.

I thought I would get detailed step by step directions with my shipment and I did not.

Any help on setting this up would be appreciated.

Here is my original topic I started:

Basically you need to update the 2GIG firmware and then swap out the cell module.!Control%20&%20TS1%20Firmware%20Update%20Manual%20V1.10+.pdf

Rive’s post provides a pretty good demo on firmware updating.

Here’s a video on swapping the cell module.

To open panel there is a screw on top,remove it, the push in the two tabs and pull out gently with downward motion. Inside is a third hand hanger, attach it.

(I don’t release the tabs myself, I push up slightly, then out and down)

Update firmware before replacing cell module.

Instructions for everything, including optimizing panel and fully enabling it.

I am uploading a video on how to open the panel…will post shortly

Thanks! Updating the firmware now and will put the module in after. I will update to let you know how it goes.

Is it okay to use the existing antenna instead of using the new one that was supplies, or does that need to be used? Also, I have confirmed with Vivnt twice that my account is cancelled, but I received tampering, power disconnected, and battery low emails that came from Vivint (powered by Will the Vivnt emails go away after swapping out the module and setting up my new account?

No. Remove it. Pop out the tab and remove the panel antenna, then replace the panel tab.

Cut out plastic tab marked “antenna” and use a blade/keyhole saw to cut into and completely through drywall.antenna goes in and hangs in the wall.

Once you switch out module, it’ll end. You then need to create a new account. Cannot use the Vivint one.

If you have cameras, delete them from the Vivint page, else you cannot add them to new SuretyCAM account.

If you are receiving Vivint messages then the Vivint account is still active. What i would do is login to the Vivint account and change/delete the notifications/emails/contact info (enter fake numbers/emails/etc) to stop the alerts/notifications.

Success! Do you mean log into the Vivints website? I am getting ready to setup my account and want to make sure everything is done correctly. Also, any way to get rid of the Vivint logo on the touch screen? If not, no big deal.

No.Vivint uses…they just make you think its do not forget to delete Vivint mobile app, and download the full version app then login with Vivint username and password, change the notifications/alerts contacts.

Panel logo comes off with acetone/nail polish remover and qtips

The touchscreen logo should be replaced with 2GIG or SuretyCAM logo. Immediately after you connect the cellular module the panel will do another quick little OTA update, if not, reflash it again after new cell module is up and running, and it will remove/replace it.

Okay. Done. Should I reflash since the Vivint logo still appears in the lower right hand on the LCD screen? Should I do this before or after I set up my account? Sorry for all the questions. Just new to this.

I edited above post. Wait till after you install and setup the new cell module/ADC account.

Don’t forget to fully enable/optimize the panel. Make sure that you have SuretyCAM reset Q44 to ‘0’

Then go here:

Vivint installer code is 2203 (be sure to change that)

I swear… These instructions they gave me in this email they sent make absolutely no sense and seem to be missing a ton of information.

I setup my account at

This is the rest. Does this sound right? There are no linked instructions as they suggest in the email for step 5.

After setting up your interactive alarm account, you will need to test your system to make sure everything is signaling correctly. Please follow the linked setup instructions beginning at step 5. You will need this information in order to complete your setup: *There are no linked instructions

24 Hour Central Station Phone Number: 855-348-0367
24 Hour Central Station Account Number: REMOVED BY WEBSITE ADMIN
Security Alarm Control Panel Installer Code (after cell phone test is run): 1561 (This is a default code that you should change in order to make your system more secure. Instructions on how to do this are shown here .)

Running a cell phone test will not only complete the connection process, but also initiate the commands we have sent to reset your Q44 & Q45 to settings that will allow you access to change programming as you see fit.

After cell module install, reboot panel (disconnect battery, disconnect ac, then reconnect and boot up)

Do you see email icon on panel screen? If not…

Verify you have an active cell module ADC plan_ verify proper antenna installed and verify cellular module is properly seated/installed.

Run cell test: home>security>menu>toolbox>master user code>right arrow till you see “cell phone test”> enter master code>

If test successful, go back to home screen…do you see email notification on panel?

Once connected, login here and reset temp pass code provided in the panel email

Then go to link I provided above to enable/optimize panel. Follow instructions shown for accessing programming and use installer code 1561

Again, its all here:

Then configure your ADC settings as you see fit

I got a headache. I’m going to bed for the night. I’ll try this stuff after work tomorrow and try to finish the setup process. Thanks for all your help tonight and hopefully people that work for this company will realize that the instructions they gave me (or lack thereof) have been poor and correct this for future people interested in purchasing this kit.

PS edit your post above and remove the suretycam/central station account number. You should not post your acct#. See Reply# 5912

I actually made a little card with my account number on one side and central station phone number on the other side. Very handy.

Edited post…for walk through instructions, see:

It looks like this has been thoroughly addressed, but in summary for anyone else looking for directions on changing providers: The first steps are updating your firmware (PDF instructions and the actual downloads) and then swapping your module (How to module swap video) After your module has been installed following the emailed directions to run a cell phone test will allow completion of the connection process, will override the icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen and open up programming so that you are free to make changes. In your welcome letter there should have also been a link to the URL with instructions for your testing your new system.

I’m sorry for any confusion you may have experienced. We’re constantly striving to improve our processes to make the transition for new customers as painless as possible. Your feedback is invaluable and we will be reviewing our instructions to see where they can be improved for future customers.

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Regarding post #5912. The instructions mentioned are linked earlier in the email. I’m adding it here in case you’ve not yet completed testing.

“…please follow these instructions to finish installation of your control panel.”

I apologize for any confusion and thank you for the feedback so we can continue to make the process easier to understand.

Well, I came home from work today and the Vivint logo disappeared.

It appears everything is working now and I didn’t have to do anything. I appreciate the help! I followed though and did a cell test and everything came through okay. I also did a alarm test and that worked successfully.

So how do I arrange payments? I know I get a month free, but I didn’t see anywhere in the sign up process where to put any billing information.

Also, when logging into my account I noticed my z-wave thermostat says “Malfunction” under Status. Do I need to do something to fix this? I never saw this message when using Vivint.

Malfunction indicates either an issue with the tstat itself, or the network.

Try removing it from network, and re adding it.