MyQ Garage Compatibility?

Liftmaster has a great product called the myq garage which pairs with older openers and myq enabled devices. You can use this in place of the internet gateway device. Do you guys support it?

I have an a 8550 which has myq built in, and works with the gateway. I purchased an 888lm which should support my liftmaster 1265+ security, but my unit was not giving enough power. I have to go with a myq garage which is universal. The myq garage has a three step pairing process through the app as you have to use a sensor, then enter garage make/model and hit learn.

Does your myq garage product integrate with Are there any plans to update and allow the three step pairing? is currently in testing with a universal garage door opener which would integrate with all older garage doors. We are currently part of the Beta Test program for that product. The three step pairing process you described sounds like the process we have used when pairing these devices ourselves. The universal garage door opener should be able to link with your account.

Hey Jay, is currently in testing with a universal garage door opener which would integrate with all older garage doors.”

Are you referring to the myq garage or another device. I would really like an integrated solution and would appreciate guidance if you could. This is the only UL certified opener I know of now. I guess I can try to add it, however there is no easy way to remove an empower device without sending a request to you guys.

There is also this z-wave device coming as well.

I just bought the myq garage, however if it does not work with I would like to return it.

suretyCAM does currently support MyQ Garage (the universal door option).

Being able to remove empower devices yourself is functionality we are pushing for, but until that happens the good news is that it is quick for us to do it on our end. Should you need to delete an empower device, email us at


Sounds great - I will try adding it later today. I will post the results. Many thanks.



I connected the MyQ Garage gateway and added the serial to ADC. This found the gateway. I then hit add device, waited for the device to turn yellow and paired my liftmaster 8850 with built in myq, all works fine. I then hit add new device and tried adding my liftmaster 1265+ with sensor provided by the myq garage. This never worked and timed out.

In the official liftmaster app the following sequence is how to get both doors working fine:
To pair an older garage door with sensor you must:

  1. Add Gateway
  2. Add Garage Opener
  3. It asks if you are using a sensor --> say yes
  4. It then asks you for the name of your garage door opener make. Input liftmaster
  5. Then it asks what color is the learn button on the opener --> mine is red
  6. It then says to press the learn button
  7. It then pairs and shows up.

To pair a myq enabled device:

  1. Add Garage Opener
  2. Hit learn button on Garage Opener
  3. Paired successful

The liftmaster app then shows both garage doors. Any idea how to get this working with ADC?

I’m not too familiar with it yet, I’ve only installed one of the MyQ Garage universal remotes as part of the beta testing and I did it from the ADC dealer/installer interface, not the user website. It might be that during beta testing MyQ Garage can only be added from the dealer/installer interface because I’m looking at both interfaces now and on the user website the only option is “Add Device” but on our installer interface we have a new option specifically for the MyQ Garage universal remote. Would you like to try working with one of our agents and have them add it from the installer interface? If so, let’s schedule a time to do it.

P.S. I think it will work because the process to install a Liftmaster 1265+ from the ADC installer interface is exactly like you described with the official Liftmaster app.

Sounds promising. I would love to get it tied in so I can apply rules once I get all my 2 gig stuff setup. Let me know how I can schedule a time. I will make sure I am at home.

I’ll have someone contact you tomorrow to schedule a time.

Great thanks!

We’ve found the problem. The MyQ Garage universal remote gateway you had was a Chamberlain branded model, not a straight Liftmaster 821LM. Technically, it’s the same thing other than version numbers and small details. had not integrated with the Chamberlain MyQ Garage, only the Liftmaster MyQ Garage. We switched out the Chamberlain MyQ Garage with a pure Liftmaster 821LM and it worked just fine. For anyone else dealing with this issue, one indicator that you have a Chamberlain branded MyQ Garage is that the serial number may begin with 03 (like 030000XXXX) whereas the a Liftmaster 821LM MyQ Garage hub has a serial number beginning with 04 (like 040000XXXX). We’ve described the experience to and they will probably have a fix for the Chamberlain branded MyQ Garage units soon. In the mean time, stick with Liftmaster 821LM’s that have a serial number starting with 04.

Follow up: This problem was fixed by shortly after discovering it. Chamberlain MyQ Garage works fine with now.


Just want to send an extra thank you. This is an amazing feature to have. One thing I forgot to ask you, do you think these will ever get tied into the 2gig panels?

Personally, I don’t think so. At least not any time soon. I think they’re going to stick with the back-end integration. There is a 2GIG compatible sensor you can put on your garage door but I don’t see much value in it if you already have Liftmaster MyQ, unless you want your security alarm to protect the garage.

Understood. Thanks for the info. I was just thinking it would be a nice feature. Under services there could be a myq section right next to zwave. That way, guests staying could have full functionality on the panel since they would not have access to the app.

I completely support it. It would be interesting to see how this new device connects with the old generation models of automatic garage door openers. Some other websites have range of garage door, which come with this new device. Our only aim is to secure our property.

I recently purchased the Liftmaster 821LM Universal garage door controler. I have it setup and working with MyQ app. How soon before 821lm will integrate with Or if there is already a way please let me know.

The 821LM already works with Last I checked though we have to enroll it for you as it’s still considered to be in beta testing and they haven’t added the enrollment function to the user website yet. Live chat or call us to schedule a time to add it to your account.

You’ll have to delete it from the MyQ account you created for it to work. You can’t have the same 821LM enrolled with both MyQ and at the same time.

I had an rep tell me Saturday that she could not add it yet because it is not currently supported. :frowning:

Thanks for your help. I guess I will try again.