Multiple Notifications Bug/Issue

Hi There. Using a Skybell with ADC through Surety. I am having the issue where I receive about 10-15 false notifications after a true motion event. Even after manually viewing the doorbell camera, I will end the feed, then recieve those 10-15 notifications saying that motion has been detected. It’s false as not a thing has moved and extremely consistent of a bug. I have 90% wireless signal and fast internet. I have seen a bunch of users on Surety Forums posting this issue but can’t seem to find the resolution. I have reset the unit, but no luck. Somewhat same issue as (Issue with Motion Notifications and SkyBell)

I am running Firmware 1141. When I try to update the firmware, nothing is available. Can you please help me troubleshoot, as this issue makes it very hard to use the doorbell and rely on the notifications. I saw some users were able to have firmware updated with a known case submitted to ADC. Would this help? Thanks.

Apparently firmware 1148 is still a test version so I can’t apply it but I’ve put in a request for update you to 1148. I hope that does it!

Thank you. Appreciate your help.What is the standard turnaround SLA for the request?Also, please advise on how I update if they approve. Do you happen to also have release notes for 1148? Curious what other bugs have been fixed and features applied since 1141. Thanks.

There’s no official SLA but I would guess some time tomorrow. You don’t have to do anything. Just make sure it’s powered on and connected to the internet. Since it’s not an official release there aren’t release notes published but I’ll see if I can find anything.

Awesome, thank you very much. I really appreciate your help and the fast reply.

You have firmware 1148 now. Let us know if it solves the problem!

Thank you Roy, but not fully yet resolved. I logged into ADC just now, and did see 1148 available in the firmware options to upgrade. I proceeded to hit update and went through the full process until I saw the Green Success Image, took about 5 min super easy. I notice now that the version still shows as 1141, and does not offer an option for 1148 any longer. Screen shot here . I thought it may be a browser cache issue on my browser so I cleared cache, then even tried on another machine completely. Still shows 1141 available and 1141 as the current version. The 1148 disappeared completely. Are you able to see my firmware version, or am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug on the update process? Thanks. updated the firmware to 1148 earlier today. But since it’s not a general release, the “Most Current Firmware Version” was still 1141. I hate to say it but when you hit the update button it downgraded back to 1141. We’ll get it back to 1148 but it won’t be able to happen until Monday. Sorry :grimacing:

Sounds good, thank you for the reply. Have a great weekend.

Just wanted to follow up here, looks like that firmware should have been updated for you! Please avoid the upgrade firmware option as it would revert the version to 1141.

thank you for the reply, it just seems that the bug is still happening where I’m getting multiple notifications and it does not seem to be a sensitivity issue. The admin console does not state 1158 as current version. Is multiple notifications a known bug? How do I fix this issue please? Thank you.

The version would be 1148.

Can you now try deleting/turning off the motion recording rule that is generating the notifications?

Wait five minutes then turn it back on. Does that resolve the excess events?

Will test and report back. Thank you Jason (and team)

Seems to be working much better now. Thanks!

Thanks for confirming! Happy to help out!

Jason/Roy -

I’m having the same issue of false Skybell HD motion detections. In my case I was on a firmware higher than 1141 and never had the issue, but unknowingly created the issue when I downgraded the firmware trying to resolve another problem.

After having the Skybell go into sync mode (red/green flashing lights) randomly a couple times in a short period of time, I was fishing around for potential causes and saw my firmware was a different revision (higher number) than ‘latest’ release so I updated firmware to 1141. Now I have the false motion detect issue described in this thread. How can I get a firmware version made available to resolve this? James

Not sure if this is helpful, but I was also logged into Android to the app on two different phones with the same user. Was able to solve frequent notifications by creating an additional user on the ADC app and having the second phone sign into that. Haven’t seen any issues with multiple notifications since.

I just put in the request for you. It should be done some time tomorrow.

Thanks for the replies Guac14 and Roy.

I will have a go at it after the firmware change is available…

Roy - any thoughts on why my Skybell has randomly gone into sync mode?

If you had a later version than 1141 it would still be considered beta firmware and not officially supported, so it is possible the sync mode issue is related to firmware. 1148 has helped resolve the repeated motion detection false triggers in the past.