Multi Channel ZWave Plug

I’m thinking this may be a limitation of, but figured I’d ask. I recently picked up a 2 channel z-wave plug (Minoston Smart Plug). Rather nice idea as it has 2 outlets that can be individually controlled. I was able to add this to the Qolsys panel, and when I pull up the list of zwave devices I see it added as a Sunroom Light.1 and Sunroom Light.2 in the list, and I can indeed control each outlet individually from the panel. However, both ADC app and site only show a single entry, which as it happens controls the first outlet.

Does anyone know if that’s just an ADC limitation or if there’s something else I need to do? I did see one post from about 3 years ago on multi-channel, but wasn’t sure if anything has changed. Since the panel can do it, I’m not sure if there’s more to do.

Yes, multi-channel devices do not work through most panels, and they are not supported in at this time. The only time that they are typically going to work is if the device gets each function paired separately as virtual devices.

If a device is paired once and has multiple functions, only the first will be available through