Multi-Channel Z-Wave support on Simon XT

I have a Simon XT panel and was wondering if multi-channel zwave devices were supported. I’m assuming multi-channel is the correct term. I have an Inovelli Dual Plug that allows both outlets to be controlled individually. Currently, the device appears to show up as one switch in the app. I believe the Simon XT has multi-channel support so I’m wondering where the error could be?

There is another device that has multiple channel outlets from a different manufacturer that I’d like to use, but wanted to see what to solve this issue first.

Typically multifunction Z-wave devices are not compatible with or any compatible control panel unless each function can be learned as its own node. If you cannot learn in the second switch as a Virtual Node, I do not believe you’ll be able to control both.

Based on the instructions for that device, it doesn’t appear it can be learned in separately