Moving to a new residence

Hello good people,
Moving to a new residence next week. Grateful for any suggestions from your own experience as to how smoothly one can transition their account and all it’s devices to the new location. I self-installed all the hardware in the current residence and configured to an old 2Gig GC2. Planning on using the same hardware but configuring to a Qolsys IQ Panel 4.


If you are switching to a new panel and moving there would be two options.

You can either swap the panel associated with your current account in our system manager here, then submit an address change to our team via private message, or you can cancel and start a new subscription with the new panel.

Either is fine, if there will be any significant downtime before you would move in cancelling is likely better.

If there won’t be downtime, just swapping the panel and updating the address will work. You can swap the panel associated with your account at any time in the system manager, but the address change must currently be performed by our support team during business hours.

Regular 345Mhz 2GIG sensors can be programmed into the IQ Panel 4 345Mhz version, available here.

Here is a programming guide for those sensors.