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I bought 3 power g motion detectors. I thought they would come with mounting brackets. I noticed they were sold separately. Do you sell them? If not, where can I buy?

Party Numbers are

dsc pgbracket-1
dsc pgbracket-2

We do not sell them at this time. All compatible equipment available through Surety can be found on the storefront here. I could not recommend a specific vendor to purchase the item from.

Can find these to purchase from anyone. Anyway you can carry them? They don’t appear to be expensive and would, give more flexibility

We do not carry them nor do we have any plans on carrying them at this time. If that changes, they could be found on the storefront.

I know its really easy just to say no to me, but I really wish you would reconsider. I have done quite a bit of research on these motion sensors (still not 100% clear) that have very confusing instructions in the manual. I posted about it in another thread.

You can NOT test these by temporarily mounting them on the wall. So your alternative is to use the adjustable brackets I mentioned or drill multiple holes in your wall to test.

I have discovered these devices do NOT have a level back surface. There is a very slight angle depending on whether or not you use the X or Y locations for screwing to your wall. It would appear its a b out a 3 degree angle depending on which locaiton you use (X or Y) and that slight change makes a large difference on the rage (on the chart at 7ft it could be 30 feet or 60 feet from just that 3 degree angle"

If you were to stick tape on the back and walk around to “test” it would not be accurate as the tape would fill in the space that makes the angle.

When you went to actually screw in the device, it would be way off.

The mounting bracket would allow you to truly test a walk around.

I have done quite a bit of research on these motion sensors (still not 100% clear) that have very confusing instructions in the manual. I posted about it in another thread.

Looks like that was responded to:

Except getting the mounting brackets that allow you to mount and adjust as it will be impossible to do without possibly drilling a bunch of holes in your wall trying to do a walk test. I outlined the reason above.

This would not be a large investment on your company’s part.

I can confirm that currently these are simply not available individually through our distributors at this time. We can talk with our distribution partners and request these as an option, but I couldn’t provide an ETA.

A quick Google search looks like you may be able to purchase them individually below, but I can’t vouch for the seller, of course.

Thanks Jason.

I googled the same businesses as well as checked amazon and ebay (in the USA and Foreign countries) NO one has these that I can access

Most of these are distributors and I can not buy from them. Or they say they have in stock and they don’t.

You may have to buy 50 at once. They retail for 6 dollars so my guess is you buy for 3 dollars and to carry the flush mount and corner would be a $300 investment on your part.

I am confident that if you listed these on your site next to the motion detector it would sell as they give your customers flexibility. The 2 GIG ones include a bracket as you know

Its not going to be a huge money maker for you, but rather a service you provide your customers for a motion detector that has very confusing yet specific mounting instructions and process.

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I appreciate the insistence and suggestions, and I can forward the details as a request. Note that we ship all products through our distribution partners. We do not stock parts internally at this time. I cannot provide an ETA, but we will reach out to our distributors to see if this can be added as an option.

Just so you know, I was able to get the brackets from one of your competitors. I won’t post the name of the business out of respect to you guys.

He does the same thing you guys do. He fulfills through distributors. He was nice enough to process this order for such a small sale to help me. The wholesaler, ADI, is a large one and you probably buy some things from them. No minimum. If you don’t buy from them, perhaps you want to explore that as an option

As you get bigger and grow, I Just hope you guys don’t lose sight of how you became successful and the things that drove that. It was not due to lowest price.

You guys have helped me through so many situations and I want to acknowledge that as well.

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As someone who recently purchased a large quantity of the PG9984P motion sensors (to “blanket” the interior of two properties), I would like to add my voice to the call for help in acquiring these brackets. The completion of my installations is, in fact, awaiting the “availability” of these parts (or my invention or discovery of an alternative to them, which has yet to prove fruitful).

I won’t post the name of the business out of respect to you guys.

Please feel free to post a link to where you purchased those. If it helps out any users it is certainly welcome.

I haven’t heard back from our distributor on the availability request yet but will follow up here when we get details.

You have to call or email them for the brackets as they special order them for you and they are not yet featured on their website