Motion Detector False Triggers

A motion detector has been going off occasionally. Is there a setting I don’t have set for it to start taking data until the property is armed?

It looks like you do have a sensor labeled Basement Motion which is programmed as a Perimeter sensor. Perimeter zones are used for windows, doors, etc., that wouldn’t be activated by someone walking through the house.

Motion Detectors should be programmed as Interior Followers.

On the 2GIG Panel you can change this by entering System Configuration and scrolling to the appropriate sensor zone and changing the RF Sensor Type to (04) Interior Follower.

I did it for that one as it’s an area not always used at night.

The one that goes off is the other one with Interior Follower. Any data on what it captured when the last two Alarms were tripped?

There is no additional data sent by a motion detector when activated. The wireless PIR detector is tripped by motion through its field of view and sends an open signal to the panel, the panel then reports to based on the arming status.

A similar question regarding PIR detectors can be found here.

  • How long have you had this motion detector and when was the last time you changed the batteries? If it was recently, how new are the batteries?
  • Do you have any pets?
  • Does the motion detector get Direct Sunlight? Sunlight has been known to set off motion detectors
  • Are there any Heating/cooling vents near the motion detector? The blowing air can activate them as well