Motion detection on cameraa

Hello is the motion detection for the video camera still an option can’t seem to find out where

Are you referring to the built in Panel Motion Detector?

This is disabled by default and must be enabled via Installer/Dealer Settings locally.

Creates an independent zone that leverages the panel’s built-in camera to act as an
activity motion detector. This will fall into the zone order at the time you enable this
feature. Motion can trip once every 4 minutes.

  • The panel motion detector is for activity monitoring and automation only (Group 25) and will not create an alarm condition or act as a security PIR.
  • This feature can not be Enabled if Panel IP Camera is Enabled

After enabling, Panel Motion Settings can be adjusted under Installation > Devices > Security Sensors

I meaning for the indoor camera can’t seem to find it the setting set up motion detection instead of video analysis

This is found on the Video page in under Recording Rules, Add a New Rule, select Video Motion Detection.

when i do that it wont allow me motion detection it only video analysis shows

Interesting. On accounts with just a 22 series camera (V522IR or 722) and video analytics (which is included in the Surety Complete plan), Video Motion Detection rules are no longer an option. Should Video Analytics be removed, or a non 22 series camera be added to the account, Video Motion Detection rules should be made available.

Fortunately, you can use VA which should allow for better detection over VMD. More on Video Analytics here:

I want the motion detection I’m not a big fan of the video analysis

I can remove Video Analytics from the account, this should allow you to use VMD instead. IT looks like you have two accounts, do you want this done on both?

You can PM which account specifically if it is only one as well.


Actually, apologies I need to make a correction to that. The control over that feature on the back end (Video Analytics) is not as granular as I had initially hoped.

Video Analytics is baked in to the service plan, Surety Complete. It cannot be removed without switching your entire service plan from Surety Complete to Surety Home and then adding video afterwards.

This would be done via the System Manager feature in your Surety account (for both accounts).

You would lose features by switching from Complete to Home (no SVR, less clips per month, no analytics, etc).

What happens if add a svr

In order to use an Streaming Video Recorder (like the SVR 122) you need the SVR add on to your service plan.

The SVR service add on is included in the Surety Complete plan. However, should you switch to the Surety Home plan, you can add the SVR add on to it the same way you would add the video add on, via the System Manager in your Surety account.

Add-on features and pricing can be viewed here, towards the bottom of the page -