Modem Network Failure

Hi there,
I have this message on my console, can you please help!!! I looked for answers but too much info out there. I don’t know where to stop (or start). Please please help. TIA!!!

Hi Mihaela,

That warning message means the cellular communication in you panel isn’t reliably reaching I checked and currently there isn’t a known issue with Verizon in your area. Are you familiar with the 3G cellular sunset?

I suspect that Verizon has recently reduced 3G capacity in your area as part of the sunset and it’s making it harder for your panel to communicate. I sent a message to your panel and it took almost a half hour to respond. It should have only been seconds.

Assuming 3G support in your area is the problem here, the solution is to upgrade the cellular communication module from 3G to 4G. You can order a 4G module here.

I’ll attempt to update your panel firmware to the latest to prepare for this. Finally, when a warning does occur, you can acknowledge it like this to make it go away. But since the actual cellular communication problem isn’t resolved yet I think it will come back.

Hi Ryan,

Thank you so much for your email! You are a star!!!

It’s not very easy for a woman who is not very tech savvy to navigate the system, but your answer is very clear and I’ll take your advice and upgrade the panel to 4G.

One more thing please, in the second paragraph the end of the message is missing. Can you please let me know what to do after I login into my account when I’m ready to upgrade? Please see below

Thanks again!!!


You can actually click on that paragraph to expand it.

I have linked the referenced post here as well for your convenience.