Lutron Shade Integration

According to the Lutron Lighting Integration FAQ pico remotes and scenes are supported by
I added a Caseta Smart Bridge Pro to control/automate my shades but I do not see the scenes/pico. Are they no longer available (the ui changed slightly) or do they require Lutron lights to show up?

Can you share where you are seeing the Pico and Scene documentation?

From current documentation:

What features are supported with the Lutron Integration?

  • Plug-in switch and dimmer control
  • In-wall switch and dimmer control
  • Light schedules
  • Individual shade control

Are you referring to scenes or scenes set up in Lutron?

Those are listed in the Lutron Lighting Integration FAQ.

And here is a Youtube video showing the picos, scenes and keypads integration:

I am referring to scenes set up in Lutron but accessible through for automation.

Aha, yes looking in it appears those options were actually removed recently. It looks like it was on 6/8/2020 and the change was due to adding support for the new retail version of the Caseta.

You should now use scenes for control of Lutron devices rather than the Lutron scenes. This will allow you to control things other than Lutron in addition with one action.

That’s too bad. You can only get shades to open/close in sync through the Lutron remote/scenes.
Configuring an scene and/or automation to active a Lutron scene would have been better.

I’m not 100% what the technical limitations were or if it was a decision based on something else. I will definitely send any and all feedback to for consideration.

You can only get shades to open/close in sync through the Lutron remote/scenes.

Can you describe this issue a bit? Are you saying the individual blinds activate at different times when you send an scene command which controls more than one?

Yes, when you try to activate multiple blinds at the same time the way it works with (and other integrations) is that a command is sent to each individual blinds but you always end up with a delay. Due to that the blinds are slightly misaligned when opening/closing together.
Lutron has a patent for coordinating their blinds:
When the blinds are opened/closed together through the Lutron app (scenes) or the pico remotes they are perfectly aligned when in motion.

Thank you, this is a great example of a benefit of using Lutron’s scenes instead. I will include this when I discuss with ADC

Hi, I have Lutron shades and lights (caseta) on my system. I have scenes made in to control my shades and lights (for example, sleep scene would be close all lights and shades). I don’t have Lutron scenes set up. What exactly has changed? thanks

Lutron keypads, Lutron Scenes, and Pico remote controls through are no longer supported.

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